Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is dad's birthday. Mom woke up early and got the house ready for him to wake up. Coffee, we got fed and walked. She got him some gifts from all of us and is crazy with anticipation to give them to him.

We took a picture of him yesterday with mom's camera phone.... I love him.

Here is another new goofy picture of Bella. She thinks she is a flower (leaf) child....

She is getting huge. The other day we were running through the cemetery and she found a black lab to play with and they ran around together.... Hilarious. I think I figured out that her border collie mom bred with a black lab dad! Really, they looked SO much alike it was scary!

Bella and I wish dad the Happiest birthday! We will try very hard to be extra good today JUST for him!

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