Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Puppies and Doctors

Bella is gonna go to the Vet today to see why she is still a little runny..... Her bowels have not finished adapting to our house? Mom is funny that way. If I get even the littlest sick, she thinks I gotta go to the Vet. NOT! That man sticks me with sharp objects and makes mom give me pills!! That poor puppy is gonna have all kinds of poking and prodding done to her today. I feel bad for her.


I have the house to myself today! It is kinda nice to get a break from all that playing! Bella can go non-stop when mom gets home. She gets out of her kennel and races to the back yard to go potty! WOW she's fast. Then mom takes us on a long walk where she even lets Bella off her leash. The cemetery is fenced in so there is really no worry that Bella will run off anywhere. Plus, she just follows me around sniffing everything I sniff and peeing in random, silly places. Not sure why but this puppy will need a lot of education. So far she knows a couple of commands that mom has been teaching her. She already knew how to sit. Mom has added "Give me paw", "Come", and "Bed". She is also getting really great at fetching the ball.

So far I only have one real worry for Bella... Her poor teeth! She is chewing the rawhide, sticks, and toys all day long. Her poor teeth are really hurting her. They look really sharp but they are still poking their way through her pink gums. Mom says that will pass and to not worry so much. It is kinda hard though since I hate it when anyone is hurt. Especially me.

Yesterday we went to R-mans apartment and sat outside on his porch. Bella is scared of the steps and I laughed at her the whole time! Silly puppy. She'll have a set of steps to get used to at the new house.... of course they are inside and carpeted. It should be a hoot to see her try to climb up and fall down them!

DoGs, Have fun. Life is short.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Bella the Border Collie

We have a puppy! Mom says she is here to stay? OH, she's cute and all but STAY? That will take some getting used to.....

We went on a long car ride yesterday and I played in the grass and a little pond I found. About half an hour later, the puppy arrived and we hit it off first thing. Bella is so cute and cuddly. I had alot of fun romping with her in the grass. Her paws are huge and spotted, just like mine, but more. Mom and the nice lady talked for quite a while and when they were done.... Mom put Bella in the car! Shocking! I thought it might just be a play date??!!

Bella was so good in the car. She just sat there all quiet like she didn't even know she was supposed to hang her head out the window and enjoy the wind in her ears. I think that is a puppy thing...

When we got home the neighbors came around and ooooh'd and aaaaah'd over Bella. They gave her all kinds of attention and cuddles. Later we went to Woody's and he got to drool his grossness all over her. Thank GOD it was her not me. He is so disgusting some times.

We all went for a walk in the cemetery and then lounged around his mom's house. They played ball and romped while I cooled myself in the grass watching. Then it was off to the duck pond!

I went swimming and showed Bella how to swim and drink water at the same time. She was quite impressed! She even jumped in and tried it herself! I think we could be buddies....

Mom brought us back home and Bella passed out! She was tuckered out! I just played and watched mom clean the house. When I went out later I was surprised that Bella was still here. I really had forgotten she had come to visit. I think it dawned on me that she isn't just visiting..... I think she is staying here for a while.... Not sure how long but I will enjoy her company while she is here. She seems to make mom REALLY happy and she is such a good puppy.

Bella is gonna be a good DoG with a little training from ME!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New House

Mom took me to the new house and ..... no cows. Apparently moooving has nothing to do with cows? It is huge and has a great back yard. The fence goes all the way back to the alley too! I loved the front porch with the big window looking out on the street and the back porch with all those windows around the whole thing! WOW R-man and mom really got a nice house for me and my puppy!.

Mom has to go to the big city tonight and she is gonna leave me with R-man. I hope we stay at mom's place so I can hide in the tub if I need to. It is gonna storm and the thunder always hurts my ears! Mom's tub is the safest place in the world. I could stay in there all night AND still be close to my food!

When mom gets home we will get to go "see" the new puppy. Mom keeps saying "We'll See" and I know she means she will be bringing the puppy home. She's a nut if she thinks I believe her lies...

She loves to be elusive with me and keep me on my toes. I must really entertain her sometimes when I can see right thru her!

I'm gonna have to invite Woody over on Saturday to meet my new puppy! He will love having another girl to chase around the yard! He can drool all over her and NOT me for once!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mom told me yesterday that we are going to meet a puppy on Saturday. I have never had a puppy but they sound fun! She says it will be like looking in a mirror and seeing myself 9 years younger..... WOW! I'll bet I look GOOD!

I like car rides and she says it will take us an hour to get there! The wind whipping thru my ears and the scent of cows in the distance. heaven.

Here is a picture of my potential puppy.... Her name is Isabella. I don't know if I'll call her Izzy or Bella... I guess I will know when I meet her.

She's kinda cute. I like her sideways grin alot. R-man loves it when I grin at him that way! Let's hope she likes to run and walk alot! Mom will have two of us to wear out now!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mom keeps saying we are mooooving to a new house?! I think that may mean we will be closer to cows. I really hope so! She seems really excited and she gets totally excited when we go see the COWS! She loves to watch me bark and dance and play with them.

Her walking every day has really helped me get the winter weight off! I am looking svelte.... Woody drools every time he sees me and I LIKE IT! He is the bestest.

This morning mom and r-man were wasting time cleaning the house and I had to have a walk. I started out with little encouragements like nnnnoooowwww and had to move up to longer and longer requests! FINALLY they got their rears out of the house and hoofed it a few miles with me through the big park! God I love the pond and the stream. Water, Water, Water! Mom doesn't let me chase the ducks any more.... I think when I ran one over the other week she thought I was gonna hurt it. NO?! I was just trying to play!

She is such a worry wart about that stuff. She promises that we will get to walk the cemetery route this afternoon and I can't wait. I really can't wait to see if there are more cows when we mooooove!!!

Why can't we run and bike ALL of the time???

Get your exercise out there DoGs! Winter is GONE!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R-man wrote a column about me

WOW. Mom told me there is a column about me in our local newspaper.... R-man is such a great writer. He loves me SOOOOO much. ;)

Mom read me all the funny stuff he wrote about me. He forgot to mention my admirer Woody... But that hot german shepherd is just as good!

Here is a copy of the text..... all rights go to R-man's paper. Don't want no Twouble.

Hart: Dog writes own blog, chases cows and is talk of Calftown

MEET Lucy, the Border Collie of Doom. Lucy lives in Calftown and has the run of the place.

Lucy loves to go for walks, chase tennis balls, rip the stuffing out of her toy animals and watch you when you eat. She has hypnotizing brown eyes, and you cannot escape her stare.

This is what sets Lucy apart from other dogs -- she can talk.

And she has her own blog.

She has conversations, expresses thoughts, verbally accosts the dummy who cuts her walks short. She writes very well, too.

"Don't give out the blog address. That's just for my friends," she said the other day while flipping her head back and giving her owner the evil eye.

We were strolling the other day to her favorite place, a local park, when we walked past a big German Shepherd in a pen.

"Woof!" barked the Shepherd, his tail up and ears pointed to the sky.

"Whatever," Lucy said with a yawn. "Easy, big fella."

Lucy doesn't really walk. She trots, and she is sort of sideways when she heads down an alley or zips around the block.

But don't tell her about her off-kilter gait, because she'll get mad.

"I am NOT sideways," she says with a grimace. "I am trying to see better out of my left eye."

Lucy's favorite thing to do is chase those rotten squirrels. She patiently sits for five or 10 minutes at a time as they nibble at acorns by trees or telephone polls. Then she makes a headlong lunge and misses them by 30 feet.

"Not true," she said the other day after almost running into the garage chasing a squirrel. "I let them think I'm missing them by 30 feet. Next time, BAM, I've got 'em."

One time at South Park, she actually caught a squirrel. She shook it in her mouth, but she appeared to be so stunned and surprised with her capture that the squirrel easily squirmed away.

"I don't like to talk about that," she said.

Lucy grew up in Montana and was trained to herd cows. She gets very excited when she's in the car and sees cows in the pasture. She often begs her owner to stop and let her out, but that's not a good idea because she'd jump into the pasture and pretty soon you'd have a stampede of cows heading to the barn.

Lucy does like to herd her owner by nudging her toward the door when it's time to go for a walk. She'll also use naughty words early in the morning when she needs to go out, or so her owner says.

"She started cussing me at 5 a.m.," her tired owner said the other day. "Sometimes she has a really bad potty mouth."

Lucy is independent, sporty, proud of her gleaming black and white coat, and insistent about getting a treat after a walk. If talking doesn't work, she simply fastens her brown-eyed stare on you until the treat is acquired and gobbled up.

Lucy has dreams, vivid visions of chasing cows and cars. Her body begins shaking slightly, and she lets out yips in her sleep.

Lucy has the life of a dog. She is loved, and she loves back. She might not admit it out loud, but her body language never lies.

If you ignore her, she'll break out the vocal chords.

"We are going for a walk NOW!" she says almost every night.

Lucy rules the roost, and she knows it.

She is the talk of Calftown.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 miles a day?

Mom has started to take me on VERY long walks every day. She walks very fast though NOT as fast as me...

The route we take is 3 miles long and hilly. We go thru the park, thru the cemetary and to my favorite duck pond! She is wearing me out! Every day we go, go, go. I love to swim in the pond, chase the ducks and stalk the squirrels. At night I sleep like a rock! It is AWESOME!!!

I turn 9 in May and I have never felt better. It is very important to run and walk and play more as you get older. It. Will. Keep. You. Young!