Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Bella the Border Collie

We have a puppy! Mom says she is here to stay? OH, she's cute and all but STAY? That will take some getting used to.....

We went on a long car ride yesterday and I played in the grass and a little pond I found. About half an hour later, the puppy arrived and we hit it off first thing. Bella is so cute and cuddly. I had alot of fun romping with her in the grass. Her paws are huge and spotted, just like mine, but more. Mom and the nice lady talked for quite a while and when they were done.... Mom put Bella in the car! Shocking! I thought it might just be a play date??!!

Bella was so good in the car. She just sat there all quiet like she didn't even know she was supposed to hang her head out the window and enjoy the wind in her ears. I think that is a puppy thing...

When we got home the neighbors came around and ooooh'd and aaaaah'd over Bella. They gave her all kinds of attention and cuddles. Later we went to Woody's and he got to drool his grossness all over her. Thank GOD it was her not me. He is so disgusting some times.

We all went for a walk in the cemetery and then lounged around his mom's house. They played ball and romped while I cooled myself in the grass watching. Then it was off to the duck pond!

I went swimming and showed Bella how to swim and drink water at the same time. She was quite impressed! She even jumped in and tried it herself! I think we could be buddies....

Mom brought us back home and Bella passed out! She was tuckered out! I just played and watched mom clean the house. When I went out later I was surprised that Bella was still here. I really had forgotten she had come to visit. I think it dawned on me that she isn't just visiting..... I think she is staying here for a while.... Not sure how long but I will enjoy her company while she is here. She seems to make mom REALLY happy and she is such a good puppy.

Bella is gonna be a good DoG with a little training from ME!


  1. Bella sounds bery cute and like she will be a good baby sister for you to play wif and to teach all da tricks to.
    We just lost our big brudder, Jordan. He had cancers. We felt berry sad about dat. But my mom brought home a new kitty, who needed to find a new home 'cause his other momma had allergies. I can't say dat I am thrilled, butt (clean) he will be someone new to chase around da house.
    Good wuk wiff your new sister!!!

  2. keeps those butts clean! cat butt stinks