Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mom told me yesterday that we are going to meet a puppy on Saturday. I have never had a puppy but they sound fun! She says it will be like looking in a mirror and seeing myself 9 years younger..... WOW! I'll bet I look GOOD!

I like car rides and she says it will take us an hour to get there! The wind whipping thru my ears and the scent of cows in the distance. heaven.

Here is a picture of my potential puppy.... Her name is Isabella. I don't know if I'll call her Izzy or Bella... I guess I will know when I meet her.

She's kinda cute. I like her sideways grin alot. R-man loves it when I grin at him that way! Let's hope she likes to run and walk alot! Mom will have two of us to wear out now!

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