Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mom keeps saying we are mooooving to a new house?! I think that may mean we will be closer to cows. I really hope so! She seems really excited and she gets totally excited when we go see the COWS! She loves to watch me bark and dance and play with them.

Her walking every day has really helped me get the winter weight off! I am looking svelte.... Woody drools every time he sees me and I LIKE IT! He is the bestest.

This morning mom and r-man were wasting time cleaning the house and I had to have a walk. I started out with little encouragements like nnnnoooowwww and had to move up to longer and longer requests! FINALLY they got their rears out of the house and hoofed it a few miles with me through the big park! God I love the pond and the stream. Water, Water, Water! Mom doesn't let me chase the ducks any more.... I think when I ran one over the other week she thought I was gonna hurt it. NO?! I was just trying to play!

She is such a worry wart about that stuff. She promises that we will get to walk the cemetery route this afternoon and I can't wait. I really can't wait to see if there are more cows when we mooooove!!!

Why can't we run and bike ALL of the time???

Get your exercise out there DoGs! Winter is GONE!!!

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