Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Puppies and Doctors

Bella is gonna go to the Vet today to see why she is still a little runny..... Her bowels have not finished adapting to our house? Mom is funny that way. If I get even the littlest sick, she thinks I gotta go to the Vet. NOT! That man sticks me with sharp objects and makes mom give me pills!! That poor puppy is gonna have all kinds of poking and prodding done to her today. I feel bad for her.


I have the house to myself today! It is kinda nice to get a break from all that playing! Bella can go non-stop when mom gets home. She gets out of her kennel and races to the back yard to go potty! WOW she's fast. Then mom takes us on a long walk where she even lets Bella off her leash. The cemetery is fenced in so there is really no worry that Bella will run off anywhere. Plus, she just follows me around sniffing everything I sniff and peeing in random, silly places. Not sure why but this puppy will need a lot of education. So far she knows a couple of commands that mom has been teaching her. She already knew how to sit. Mom has added "Give me paw", "Come", and "Bed". She is also getting really great at fetching the ball.

So far I only have one real worry for Bella... Her poor teeth! She is chewing the rawhide, sticks, and toys all day long. Her poor teeth are really hurting her. They look really sharp but they are still poking their way through her pink gums. Mom says that will pass and to not worry so much. It is kinda hard though since I hate it when anyone is hurt. Especially me.

Yesterday we went to R-mans apartment and sat outside on his porch. Bella is scared of the steps and I laughed at her the whole time! Silly puppy. She'll have a set of steps to get used to at the new house.... of course they are inside and carpeted. It should be a hoot to see her try to climb up and fall down them!

DoGs, Have fun. Life is short.

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