Sunday, June 28, 2009


Mom is taking Bella to get fixed next week. She really needs fixin'.....

1. Bella hates the basement. I think she is a fraidy DoG! I love the cool concrete in the basement. It makes me feel SO much better. Mom doesn't like it when I sneak into the basement. She accidentally shut me in and I had to sit at the door whining until she heard me and let me out! Still, the cool air and concrete make these hot summer days better.

2. Bella really loves to jump and bark and bite alot. I really hope they can fix that too! She has the energy of about 10 cows! Her poo stinks as bad too! BUT she doesn't drool as much as a cow. hahahahahahaha

3. Bella eats ALL the time! AND when she munches the kibble..... LOUD! She is a voracious eater and will practically lick the metal off the bowl. Mom just says she is a growing puppy. pfff. She's a HOG!

OH, can they fix her habit of grabbing my collar when we are running in the cemetery? She thinks she is taking me for a run! Even funnier (but fixable?), she grabs Woody's leash and leads him around. He kinda likes to be dominated though ;).

Well, Here's hoping the vet can fix some of these things about Bella. Mom says I was fixed too but I can't remember there ever being anything wrong with me!

Lay in the shade DoGs! It is hot and humid this summer and we all want to keep COOL!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is going on with the weather in this town? Rain, rain, rain.... All morning sometimes! By the afternoon is seems to clear up (sometimes). I really hate the thunder and lightening! It hurts my ears and makes me scared!

Bella, the crazy puppy, loves the rain?! She goes out and plays and romps and barks at the birdies! I don't think she even knows how dangerous it is! I can imagine a lightening bolt hitting her and she wouldn't even know!

This morning Mom didn't even make me go outside. She let me stay in her bedroom with R-man snoring away! She even shut the windows and doors so I wouldn't have to hear the thunder. She is AWESOME! I really appreciate her in times like these.

Last night, the skies were clear for a bit, and she took us over to Woody's house. She convinced her sister and nephew to go on a walk with us. I got to run and play with Woody in the cemetery! HE AND BELLA WORE ME OUT!!!??? This has never happened!

Of course, I have been sick since I went to the vet last week. Mom finally took me back and they gave her some pills to give me every day. I hate pills but these seem to really help my cough and make my throat feel better. Mom says I have a summer cold but I know I caught Kennel Cough from the damn vet. Those places are SO dirty! When we went back this week it smelled like puppy puke!! Yuck!

On a brighter note, Bella the puppy from hell, has been doing much better. She is learning to not bite or chew so much (I think her gums finally are feeling better since teething) and mom is also teaching her not to bark so much. puppies.....

Pray DoGs! This bad weather has to clear up soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad Bella!

Mom and R-man have been having a tough time with little Bella. She is into everything!

Some days I'm not sure if she will survive her own curiosity!!!

R-man's wallet had some teething marks on it. Mom's Clematis plant is looking awfully sorry since she moved it from the old house.... I think Bella is in her terrible 4's. I heard mom say something about the terrible two's awhile ago but Bella is twice as bad now!

Puppies are crazy anyway! What did they expect? A perfect clone of the perfect ME??? I am the closest to perfection that GoD will allow! I have my bad days just like anyone....

R-man ratted me out to mom the other day..... I was in perfect squirrel mode. Totally focused. Eyein' the little bastard! Even Bella wasn't following my every move! Suddenly I saw my opening and ran to destroy the rodent! Somehow, and I really don't know when, I was jumping OVER the fence in the backyard and chasing the squirrel across the alley!!!!! COOL:) It's just a 3 footer anyway.

Well, it seems that mom wasn't too happy about that little "accident". She told R-man that at least I was so out of my mind with "squirrel fever" that hopefully I won't remember that I can jump over the fence.... She's so dumb!

but i won't tell.....

Little Bella can't even remember yesterday! Very entertaining!