Sunday, June 28, 2009


Mom is taking Bella to get fixed next week. She really needs fixin'.....

1. Bella hates the basement. I think she is a fraidy DoG! I love the cool concrete in the basement. It makes me feel SO much better. Mom doesn't like it when I sneak into the basement. She accidentally shut me in and I had to sit at the door whining until she heard me and let me out! Still, the cool air and concrete make these hot summer days better.

2. Bella really loves to jump and bark and bite alot. I really hope they can fix that too! She has the energy of about 10 cows! Her poo stinks as bad too! BUT she doesn't drool as much as a cow. hahahahahahaha

3. Bella eats ALL the time! AND when she munches the kibble..... LOUD! She is a voracious eater and will practically lick the metal off the bowl. Mom just says she is a growing puppy. pfff. She's a HOG!

OH, can they fix her habit of grabbing my collar when we are running in the cemetery? She thinks she is taking me for a run! Even funnier (but fixable?), she grabs Woody's leash and leads him around. He kinda likes to be dominated though ;).

Well, Here's hoping the vet can fix some of these things about Bella. Mom says I was fixed too but I can't remember there ever being anything wrong with me!

Lay in the shade DoGs! It is hot and humid this summer and we all want to keep COOL!

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  1. Too much to fix with Bella. My mom has a list too! I Love Her just the way she is!