Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Snowy Mile

Mom has been exercising at the gym lately because of all the snow and ice. Dad has been taking her place walking us at the cemetery. BUT today mom couldn't go to the gym because it was closed for the New Year holiday! She took us through the cemetery TWICE!!!!

That is double the fun! She also stopped and picked up Woody and he came with us. It was great since he romped and chased Bella the entire time and I got to make Snow Angels. REALLY.

They really do turn out looking good and I get a nice cool rub down in the snow. I love the snow and can find a multitude of ways to jump, run, throw, and dig my way through a big ole snow drift.

Mom thinks I am a silly goose. I Love Mom and RotKnee.

DoGs, Have a Great New Year and be safe out there!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dad loves me Even when I am Naughty!

Hey this is Bella writing today..... Lucy is teaching me about this technology thing and I think I am getting VERY good at it.

We were reading the paper this morning and found a column that DAD wrote about me! Sadly, it was about how I kinda sorta ate some of the ornaments on their weird tree in the living room. Mom also put out some tasty morsels that she calls a Christmas Train.... Not sure why they are just now being put out in the living room but I can tell you..... THEY. ARE. YUMMY!!!!

I can't resist. I have tried. Dad has given me several stern lectures and mom has too. I don't know what has gotten into me. The ornaments have this awesome little twinkle to them and are so attractive. I just have to grab them and snuff them and chew on them till they disintegrate!!!

This sorta makes mom and dad mad.

I love that dad writes about me in his newspaper but am wishing he had more good things to say about me. Why? Why? When will this crazy puppydom of my world go away? I really feel bad but just can't seem to listen to them when they tell me to stop. It really gets bad when they leave me home with Lucy. All that girl does is roll her eyes and tell me, "I don't really have to rat you out. Mom and dad will automatically know it was YOU!"

I am troubled. troubled....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is dad's birthday. Mom woke up early and got the house ready for him to wake up. Coffee, we got fed and walked. She got him some gifts from all of us and is crazy with anticipation to give them to him.

We took a picture of him yesterday with mom's camera phone.... I love him.

Here is another new goofy picture of Bella. She thinks she is a flower (leaf) child....

She is getting huge. The other day we were running through the cemetery and she found a black lab to play with and they ran around together.... Hilarious. I think I figured out that her border collie mom bred with a black lab dad! Really, they looked SO much alike it was scary!

Bella and I wish dad the Happiest birthday! We will try very hard to be extra good today JUST for him!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tummy Scritches

Need I say more!?

Mom hasn't been able to get down on the floor for my regular tummy scritches lately.... She says it was an important surgery on her back. HA!

I have been sorely missing those rubbins and really needed a good old fashioned scritchen! Today she took Bella and I for a 1/2 mile walk at the cemetery and then came home and sat on the floor scritchen my belly, back and booty! Heaven.

I am so happy to see her feeling better and gettin' back to what is important in life! ME!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I read a blogger at she writes well and continue to find the funniest pictures of her dog Chuck to post. This has been going on so long, it is called The Daily Chuck. While I am an avid photographer of my dogs, it is kinda hard for me to keep a daily photo going that doesn't keep looking the same every day. I SWEAR, Lucy ALWAYS looks the same in every photo I get of her.

Get the picture yet???? She is stoic ALL the time. Maybe I am just not that creative?

Obviously I have performance issues too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the great dog photos that make my day. She has them archive back to the beginning of her time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Possum!

Mom has been off work for a week and has been taking us for extra walks in Woodland Cemetery! We love her so much but she seems to struggle with these walks and I am always very good for mom... Bella is... bella! She gets into everything!

Today while we were running around, Bella disappeared and then I heard mom yelling at her to stop! I ran over to where the action was and found Bella throwing a baby possum around! She was dancing and throwing and dancing some more. All the while mom was trying to get her to stop and leave the dead possum alone. I think Bella wanted to dance some more with her prize but I jumped in and grabbed the dead possum and ran off a ways. Mom started yelling at me and then I realized that she was just trying to get Bella to put it down and leave it alone.... ooops. I forgot that I already knew that!

SO.... mom finally got me to drop the possum and guarded it until I distracted Bella away from the "situation". We felt bad for upsetting mom and tried to be VERY good for the rest of the walk. BUT, of course Bella is..... bella. hahahha

Bella was very proud of her first kill and pranced around the rest of the walk. Mom is so great and let Bella have her moment and Bella was very Happy!

I am happy that Bella is growing up and may become a great dog someday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have been published in the Quincy Herald Whig!!!! They put it under R-man's byline and name but his column is ALL me! Local bloggers have even noticed!

The Quincy Pundit

They like to make fun of my R-man but I am VERY proud of him. He Rocks! Mom loves him too. I can only get on the computer when mom lets me so it is very hard to update the blog.... I try. It is really nice to have my thoughts recognized by the local media. Have I already said how much R-man ROCKS!!

Here is a copy of the article. I hate to post links to the Whig since they always seem to disappear after a week...
Glad to see the local media supporting one of my favorite charities also..... has another great picture of Chuck! I love those dogs!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Not sure but maybe Bella could do this?

Dog Riding Bicycle Video...

Found this video today and was VERY impressed!

Time to start training Bella?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Driving R-man insane!!!

While mom was in the hospital this week, R-man took on the full responsibilities of taking care of Bella and I. While myself, the saint, gave him no trouble at all..... Bella was another story entirely.

Bella is the cutest, goofy, silly, clown of a puppy I have ever met. She can be destroying a remote control one minute and looking at R-man with her innocent little eyes the next. It is as if she thinks he would never guess that she is the doggy that chewed new holes in his remote.... She runs to the next thing and starts with that.

It is a never ending cycle. When mom is here Bella is pretty good. She listens and only gets into things when mom is otherwise occupied. R-man is like TOTALLY opposite for Bella. She gets CRAZY ideas about what is okay and then acts on them. R-man never knows what will come at him next when she goes nuts.

I try to help by herding Bella around the yard when he is on his last exasperated nerve but I have only SO much time to devote to Bella. DOESN'T SHE KNOW THE SQUIRRELS ARE GETTING READY FOR WINTER AND NEED DIRECTION AND HARASSMENT!

The squirrels are a never ending job around here. Work, work, work. Bella has a lot of training left in order to ever be able to assist me with the squirrel work.

Mom came back home the other day and has really worked hard to wear out Bella and keep her in line. R-man has finally relaxed again and is enjoying the cute little things Bella does.

She really is adorable. Really.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

South Park Run!

The girls were allowed to run free in South Park yesterday. RotKnee and I drove the girls over and parked the car in the shade. Before I could get out, Bella and Lucy were OFF and running. They stay together and are used to running through Greenmount and Woodland cemeteries without a leash. As we walked together and talked about how hard our days were, the girls were happily trotting along and following our voice commands. We love this aspect of the Border Collie breed. The are all about listening to their people. They learn the voice commands quickly and have awesome hearing.

We took them around and down toward the first hill that goes to a low portion of a stream. We didn't even have to remind them which entrance to enter thru the trees. They ran into the water and started playing and splashing around. They didn't want to get out! Lucy lowers her front chest and nose into the water and soaks herself. Bella grabs Lu's collar or fur and pulls. Romping and growling and splashing around! Bella is great at making sure Lucy is TOTALLY wet. They run down the stream and then chase each other back up toward us.

When we call them to the path toward the meadow, they stop and look at us like we are crazy. They try to drown each other one more time and then reluctantly follow us. Chasing Bella into the woods and trying to abandon her, Lucy looks satisfied. Bella runs out into the tall grass of the meadow and starts to "dance". She loves the feel of the tall grass as it rubs her baby face. She jumps high in the air and floats down into the field. Running in circles, jumping, diving and really smiling! Lucy is glad to finally be left alone so that she can stalk a squirrel and chase a rabbit.

As we reach the other side of the meadow and enter the woods that go down to another portion of the stream. Lucy holds back. She waits, lifts her nose into the air, and you can see the pleasure on her face. A dog that can express her feelings. Rare. Beautiful.

Bella is already running thru the water and about to eat some algae. RotKnee and I shout to tell her NO! She forgot we were there and runs to greet us. Just then Lucy comes down into the stream and Bella chases her to the other side. We get the leash ready. Bella will soon be harnessed. Two more minutes in the water till the girls climb the craggly cliff. We cut through the baseball field and walked steadily up the steep hills that we love at South Park.

Bella is tired. Lucy is still chasing squirrels. RotKnee and I are feeling less stressed and VERY happy. As we approach the car, two little ladies are sitting in their car eating Dairy Queen. I hear one say, "This should be interesting....". RotKnee easily gets Bella in the car since she is on the leash. I casually call to Lucy to "Load Up" and she gracefully hops in the backseat. I hope we have fully impressed on those gals that the at least Lucy is well behaved enough to be off leash every so often. They go back to their ice cream as if we never existed.

Driving home with the back windows open, we have two VERY wet and VERY happy dogs. Their heads hanging out the window, their tongues flapping in the wind. THE SMELL of wet dog! What a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bella Proof?

Bella is getting to be such a goofy girl! We are having a blast with all her antics... Laughing at her when she burrows under the comforter, flipping the comforter up and diving under. Holding our breath when she toots really loud!

We are working on letting her stay out of the crate and it has been a creative chore to Bella proof the house.

First we decided to block the kitchen door with her kennel and close the bedroom door. The kitchen, bedroom and back porch have been pretty Bella proofed and is only carpeted in the bedroom. The first afternoon..... Chewed sunglasses and pretty bits of acorn were strewn about the kitchen. A lipstick and old sunglasses were taken from their perch on the TALL dresser - destroyed. A little picture frame off the bedside table. Chewed.

SO, The bedroom became off limits. Closed off now, the kitchen and back porch were all the room Bella could roam...... Garbage strewn on the floor, more acorns found and destroyed, and FROM the counter - papers, buns, dishrags, and much more... destroyed. At least none of it was of any value. When I saw her elbows on the counter I thought.... THERE IS NO WAY TO BELLA PROOF THIS HOUSE. When a beast can climb on the counters she can get anything!!!!

Third try... Totally clean off the counters, dressers, bed side tables. Store the garbage in a cabinet, close the closet doors. Buy a baby gate and take the dreaded kennel back to its original location. Big treats for everyone!!!

SUCCESS. Bella is great. She barks out the back window when she shouldn't but is otherwise content to eat a big treat and nap. When she is let out the back door she RACES to the yard and pees for what seems like hours!

THEN she goes to town tearing up the recyclables in the back yard. No big deal. You have to learn to fight the right battles.

More later on our adventures in South Park today.... Geesh Bella is the biggest clown EVER!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy, Joy, Joy

Mom and R-man found their way home!!! They were in Colorado? and they didn't take me? That is so close to my motherland of Wyoming! I coulda seen my peeps! I love the open range, the sheep, the COWS, and the runnin' all day long.....

Mom said they might take me next year if I can be good on an airplane!

No ploblem! (Mom says that alot.) That is the promised land RIGHT THERE!!!

Here another pic mom took of all the kids I will get to play with!!!
Woweewowowowowowow!!! Talk about a crazy looking clan. I think they are R-mans family. They look too cool to be Mom's family..... hahahaha

Summer officially ends in late September but Mom says Labor day kinda marks the end of summer for her. The final fun of Labor day. SHE WASN'T HERE!!!!! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SUMMER FUN WITH ME AND BELLA??? for a change.

I love it when Mom chuckles after I crab at her. Bella and I missed her bunches. Take care of your Momma you DoGs. Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mom?? R-man??

Where did mom and r-man run off to now??? I am gonna have to get them a leash. They just run wild in the hood!

If you see them out, call me or bring them home. PLEASE don't take them to doggie jail!

Monday, August 31, 2009

That Stick!

Mom lured her home with it.
She got the stick as her prize.
Dancing and tossing her prize with glee!

She takes Mom the stick.
She taunts me with it.
Taking it away at the last second!

The stick is chewed and moist!
Mom throws it past me.
It lays in the grass, waiting.

I chase her to the stick.
We struggle and fight.
It is mine and I laugh!

She wants it back.
I chew it in half.
THERE! It's yours.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bella is growing up

Bella is finally 7 months old. She is learning to play Frisbee and learning to give it to mom when she runs back! I have been scolding her when she tries to hang onto it and that seems to be helping mom a lot with her training!

It would be great if Bella got to be a great Frisbee dog! I love the Frisbee and can run so fast it doesn't ever hit the ground. Bella has got a long way to go but she is running VERY fast. Her coordination is great and her focus is AWESOME!

Mom seems very proud of both of us. I love it when she is proud of me and Bella loves it when mom gives her "puppy love".... They are goofy together!

When I first got Bella there was no light at the end of the tunnel..... She was pathetic. Goofy, all Elbows and Knees, running like she was a little baby, and eating like she had never eaten before! The other day I was watching her eat and realized that she is actually chewing her food now! Before she just inhaled whatever was in her bowl. Now she nibbles and chews! That is a great improvement.

Mom has been a little sick lately and we have been walking just a couple of miles a day. Today she promised that we will be back up to 4 miles a day soon. With the weather cooling down she should consider walking about 6 miles, REALLY. I know she can. She has done it before. I will keep after her.

On a really funny note... Bella learned how to open the door to her kennel..... hahahahahhaha She gets out when mom and R-man forget to put the extra hook in the right place and noses into everything. So far I think she has been very lucky to NOT chew through anything they care about! Once they catch her out they are VERY good about making sure to hook the kennel tightly shut. They still need training too!

Get out there and walk DoGs. Encourage your mom and dad to get walking too! They probably need it as much as you do!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dawg Days of Summer!

The dog days of summer are here! Lots of sunshine and squirrels! What a great time of year! I love it that mom will let me sit outside all day on the weekends. She loves the sunshine too and will piddle in the yard ALL day. She tries to keep the yard clean alot but can't seem to keep ahead of Smelly Belly's destructive messes.

Yesterday I found a shredded newspaper in the yard. Most of Bella's toys are mangled, wet and filthy. Mom tries to keep them clean but as soon as Smella gets ahold of them.... back to the disgusting mess! The recycle bin is always a source of joy for Belly. She is about the craziest puppy you ever saw with plastic water bottles and milk jugs. The noise and the joy of puppyhood. I wouldn't want to go back for ANYTHING!

Bella has tons of fun and is even learning stuff along the way. Mom taught her to "drop" today and she really seems to get it. I have been teaching her where to go potty and how to understand when mom and R-man really mean what they say. There is still much to teach ;(

Mom gave Bella a bath this week and I swear she stunk bad again within 20 minutes. What is it with puppy smells?

My days are full with all the Bella Babysitting. She has learned to get out of her kennel. Mom has been having to lock it with my training leash! Geez! That puppy is always getting herself in trouble.....

The squirrels in the yard are getting fatter. I was walking the other day and stalked a squirrel. Reeeaaaalllll Sllooowwww. When I finally pounced on it, I swear I got ahold of its back foot! Just wait.... When the fall gets here, I will finally get me a juicy, fat squirrel. Playing with them is always fun. I just don't understand why the quit moving after awhile.....

Have fun DoGs. Summer won't last forever!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to Normal

It has been such a great week since mom and R-man came back from vacation. I still really hate it when mom leaves for work in the morning.....

It has been so nice to sit with mom and cuddle. She really enjoys rubbing my soft ears and fluffy neck! She has been taking Bella and me on walks every morning and at noon.... R-man is picking up her evening slack by walking us thru the cemetery! Run, run, run.

I have been very stand offish to mom lately and had forgotten just how good she is to me. The whole Bella thing kinda had me in a big funk. She is growing up a lot and acting much better. Except for her clingyness, I am okay with her. (She still stinks like a dog though....)

Have a great time DoGs. Summer is almost over and it's time to relax!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Mom has been on vacation and I just got her to turn the computer on. Dang, I need opposable thumbs! She is cramping my writing style!

Bella and I have been having bunches of fun. She got fixed, which didn't mean quite what I thought.... She can't have any puppies and THAT is the best thing of all anyway! Mom tried to explain it to me but I wouldn't listen. Now I understand.

Mom and R-man went on a trip to see a bunch of their relatives and to camp in Michigan. I have been to Michigan with mom and her sister. It is a fun place to run around. Mom has an uncle that has bunches of dogs and they like to play a lot. Mom says that the big gal, Molly, had cancer and went to heaven. She got to see the old poodle too but she says that she will probably die of old age soon. That dog is SO old, I think she is about 16 now. Last time I saw her she was blind and deaf with about 3 teeth left in her head! That was 2 years ago and now she has to be in WAAAAY worse shape!

The day mom and R-man got home we were so excited! Finally we could run and play in the cemetery again! Mom took us around the block a couple of times and R-man took us to the cemetery too. We ran till we could run NO more. When we got home, there was steak bits to eat for supper and then we played in the yard. Right before we went in the house, Bella "caught" a bee.

For all of our entertainment purposes, here is a picture I got mom to take! hahahaha. Mom gave her a benadryl and she was fine in a couple of hours.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bella Free Day

This has been a great Bella Free Day! R-man took Bella with him when he went to work this morning! He said he was taking her to get her fixed.... This is the day I have been waiting for!

It has been quiet and peaceful all day long. Mom came home at lunch and took me around the block. She filled my food bowl and made sure I had enough water too! Mom and R-man both gave me extra good scritches when they were here. I don't know how long it will take to fix Bella but if they need to keep her a few more days to get more things fixed, I won't mind one bit!

Mom says she will be home tomorrow morning but I don't think they can fix a puppy THAT fast! She's one crazy little girl!

I kinda miss talking to her all day though. I wonder what kind of stories she will have to tell me when she gets back? I wonder if she will remember what they fixed or if she will just act better?

So many questions to ponder.... I think I will take a nap and wonder about this later!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Mom is taking Bella to get fixed next week. She really needs fixin'.....

1. Bella hates the basement. I think she is a fraidy DoG! I love the cool concrete in the basement. It makes me feel SO much better. Mom doesn't like it when I sneak into the basement. She accidentally shut me in and I had to sit at the door whining until she heard me and let me out! Still, the cool air and concrete make these hot summer days better.

2. Bella really loves to jump and bark and bite alot. I really hope they can fix that too! She has the energy of about 10 cows! Her poo stinks as bad too! BUT she doesn't drool as much as a cow. hahahahahahaha

3. Bella eats ALL the time! AND when she munches the kibble..... LOUD! She is a voracious eater and will practically lick the metal off the bowl. Mom just says she is a growing puppy. pfff. She's a HOG!

OH, can they fix her habit of grabbing my collar when we are running in the cemetery? She thinks she is taking me for a run! Even funnier (but fixable?), she grabs Woody's leash and leads him around. He kinda likes to be dominated though ;).

Well, Here's hoping the vet can fix some of these things about Bella. Mom says I was fixed too but I can't remember there ever being anything wrong with me!

Lay in the shade DoGs! It is hot and humid this summer and we all want to keep COOL!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is going on with the weather in this town? Rain, rain, rain.... All morning sometimes! By the afternoon is seems to clear up (sometimes). I really hate the thunder and lightening! It hurts my ears and makes me scared!

Bella, the crazy puppy, loves the rain?! She goes out and plays and romps and barks at the birdies! I don't think she even knows how dangerous it is! I can imagine a lightening bolt hitting her and she wouldn't even know!

This morning Mom didn't even make me go outside. She let me stay in her bedroom with R-man snoring away! She even shut the windows and doors so I wouldn't have to hear the thunder. She is AWESOME! I really appreciate her in times like these.

Last night, the skies were clear for a bit, and she took us over to Woody's house. She convinced her sister and nephew to go on a walk with us. I got to run and play with Woody in the cemetery! HE AND BELLA WORE ME OUT!!!??? This has never happened!

Of course, I have been sick since I went to the vet last week. Mom finally took me back and they gave her some pills to give me every day. I hate pills but these seem to really help my cough and make my throat feel better. Mom says I have a summer cold but I know I caught Kennel Cough from the damn vet. Those places are SO dirty! When we went back this week it smelled like puppy puke!! Yuck!

On a brighter note, Bella the puppy from hell, has been doing much better. She is learning to not bite or chew so much (I think her gums finally are feeling better since teething) and mom is also teaching her not to bark so much. puppies.....

Pray DoGs! This bad weather has to clear up soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad Bella!

Mom and R-man have been having a tough time with little Bella. She is into everything!

Some days I'm not sure if she will survive her own curiosity!!!

R-man's wallet had some teething marks on it. Mom's Clematis plant is looking awfully sorry since she moved it from the old house.... I think Bella is in her terrible 4's. I heard mom say something about the terrible two's awhile ago but Bella is twice as bad now!

Puppies are crazy anyway! What did they expect? A perfect clone of the perfect ME??? I am the closest to perfection that GoD will allow! I have my bad days just like anyone....

R-man ratted me out to mom the other day..... I was in perfect squirrel mode. Totally focused. Eyein' the little bastard! Even Bella wasn't following my every move! Suddenly I saw my opening and ran to destroy the rodent! Somehow, and I really don't know when, I was jumping OVER the fence in the backyard and chasing the squirrel across the alley!!!!! COOL:) It's just a 3 footer anyway.

Well, it seems that mom wasn't too happy about that little "accident". She told R-man that at least I was so out of my mind with "squirrel fever" that hopefully I won't remember that I can jump over the fence.... She's so dumb!

but i won't tell.....

Little Bella can't even remember yesterday! Very entertaining!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mooooved In

Mom got the house all done! We moved into our new house last week. Bella and I have been playing in the back yard while mom piddles around with her tool bag. She needs to slow down and smell the squirrels!

There were a lot of people over Monday and I got to eat all kinds of yummy treats! Bella had to stay in her kennel until later because she's a little obnoxious around EVERYONE. Mom and R-man have started to let her stay out of her kennel almost all the time?! Now she just plays with me alllll day. She's cute and all but I need a nap!

The new house is big. I can sleep on couches, futons, carpet, hard wood, concrete or grass. The choices. It has been fun learning the new neighborhood but mom walked us the other day and we ended up in our old neighborhood.... It was really close! We got to sniff around our old yard and then ran home. Mom and R-man were on their bikes and Bella kept pulling mom like a sleigh dog! What a goofy girl.

So far I think little Bella is gonna work out. She and I are getting along most days. I love to watch squirrels though and Bella likes to chase birds! She's CRAZY!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bella Here...

Today Lucy showed me this blog site. COOL! My name is Bella and I am the new puppy here! It is AWESOME! Lu and I play, play, play all day. She is older but really loves to wrassle with me.

Mom is a great lady too. She seems to know that Lucy doesn't want to share her food with me. She makes an effort to give me my food away from the old gal! I like that! I can chomp down a bowl of kib faster than any pup!

We have been going on VERY long walks. I am getting better coordination because of that. Mom likes to exercise and Lu loves to run. I have a blast hanging on to her collar; running alongside her. Sometimes mom lets me hold my own leash and I trot around leading myself. hahahahahaha

I have gone on some strange car rides too. Lucy barks at the cows. I haven't figured out what that is so I sit in the back seat and let the wind run thru my ears! Lu is a strange but fun girl.

I miss my old house and the little puppy there.... But here we run alot and I love the freedom. I could grow up with Lucy and be SOOOO happy.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Puppies and Doctors

Bella is gonna go to the Vet today to see why she is still a little runny..... Her bowels have not finished adapting to our house? Mom is funny that way. If I get even the littlest sick, she thinks I gotta go to the Vet. NOT! That man sticks me with sharp objects and makes mom give me pills!! That poor puppy is gonna have all kinds of poking and prodding done to her today. I feel bad for her.


I have the house to myself today! It is kinda nice to get a break from all that playing! Bella can go non-stop when mom gets home. She gets out of her kennel and races to the back yard to go potty! WOW she's fast. Then mom takes us on a long walk where she even lets Bella off her leash. The cemetery is fenced in so there is really no worry that Bella will run off anywhere. Plus, she just follows me around sniffing everything I sniff and peeing in random, silly places. Not sure why but this puppy will need a lot of education. So far she knows a couple of commands that mom has been teaching her. She already knew how to sit. Mom has added "Give me paw", "Come", and "Bed". She is also getting really great at fetching the ball.

So far I only have one real worry for Bella... Her poor teeth! She is chewing the rawhide, sticks, and toys all day long. Her poor teeth are really hurting her. They look really sharp but they are still poking their way through her pink gums. Mom says that will pass and to not worry so much. It is kinda hard though since I hate it when anyone is hurt. Especially me.

Yesterday we went to R-mans apartment and sat outside on his porch. Bella is scared of the steps and I laughed at her the whole time! Silly puppy. She'll have a set of steps to get used to at the new house.... of course they are inside and carpeted. It should be a hoot to see her try to climb up and fall down them!

DoGs, Have fun. Life is short.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Bella the Border Collie

We have a puppy! Mom says she is here to stay? OH, she's cute and all but STAY? That will take some getting used to.....

We went on a long car ride yesterday and I played in the grass and a little pond I found. About half an hour later, the puppy arrived and we hit it off first thing. Bella is so cute and cuddly. I had alot of fun romping with her in the grass. Her paws are huge and spotted, just like mine, but more. Mom and the nice lady talked for quite a while and when they were done.... Mom put Bella in the car! Shocking! I thought it might just be a play date??!!

Bella was so good in the car. She just sat there all quiet like she didn't even know she was supposed to hang her head out the window and enjoy the wind in her ears. I think that is a puppy thing...

When we got home the neighbors came around and ooooh'd and aaaaah'd over Bella. They gave her all kinds of attention and cuddles. Later we went to Woody's and he got to drool his grossness all over her. Thank GOD it was her not me. He is so disgusting some times.

We all went for a walk in the cemetery and then lounged around his mom's house. They played ball and romped while I cooled myself in the grass watching. Then it was off to the duck pond!

I went swimming and showed Bella how to swim and drink water at the same time. She was quite impressed! She even jumped in and tried it herself! I think we could be buddies....

Mom brought us back home and Bella passed out! She was tuckered out! I just played and watched mom clean the house. When I went out later I was surprised that Bella was still here. I really had forgotten she had come to visit. I think it dawned on me that she isn't just visiting..... I think she is staying here for a while.... Not sure how long but I will enjoy her company while she is here. She seems to make mom REALLY happy and she is such a good puppy.

Bella is gonna be a good DoG with a little training from ME!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New House

Mom took me to the new house and ..... no cows. Apparently moooving has nothing to do with cows? It is huge and has a great back yard. The fence goes all the way back to the alley too! I loved the front porch with the big window looking out on the street and the back porch with all those windows around the whole thing! WOW R-man and mom really got a nice house for me and my puppy!.

Mom has to go to the big city tonight and she is gonna leave me with R-man. I hope we stay at mom's place so I can hide in the tub if I need to. It is gonna storm and the thunder always hurts my ears! Mom's tub is the safest place in the world. I could stay in there all night AND still be close to my food!

When mom gets home we will get to go "see" the new puppy. Mom keeps saying "We'll See" and I know she means she will be bringing the puppy home. She's a nut if she thinks I believe her lies...

She loves to be elusive with me and keep me on my toes. I must really entertain her sometimes when I can see right thru her!

I'm gonna have to invite Woody over on Saturday to meet my new puppy! He will love having another girl to chase around the yard! He can drool all over her and NOT me for once!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mom told me yesterday that we are going to meet a puppy on Saturday. I have never had a puppy but they sound fun! She says it will be like looking in a mirror and seeing myself 9 years younger..... WOW! I'll bet I look GOOD!

I like car rides and she says it will take us an hour to get there! The wind whipping thru my ears and the scent of cows in the distance. heaven.

Here is a picture of my potential puppy.... Her name is Isabella. I don't know if I'll call her Izzy or Bella... I guess I will know when I meet her.

She's kinda cute. I like her sideways grin alot. R-man loves it when I grin at him that way! Let's hope she likes to run and walk alot! Mom will have two of us to wear out now!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mom keeps saying we are mooooving to a new house?! I think that may mean we will be closer to cows. I really hope so! She seems really excited and she gets totally excited when we go see the COWS! She loves to watch me bark and dance and play with them.

Her walking every day has really helped me get the winter weight off! I am looking svelte.... Woody drools every time he sees me and I LIKE IT! He is the bestest.

This morning mom and r-man were wasting time cleaning the house and I had to have a walk. I started out with little encouragements like nnnnoooowwww and had to move up to longer and longer requests! FINALLY they got their rears out of the house and hoofed it a few miles with me through the big park! God I love the pond and the stream. Water, Water, Water! Mom doesn't let me chase the ducks any more.... I think when I ran one over the other week she thought I was gonna hurt it. NO?! I was just trying to play!

She is such a worry wart about that stuff. She promises that we will get to walk the cemetery route this afternoon and I can't wait. I really can't wait to see if there are more cows when we mooooove!!!

Why can't we run and bike ALL of the time???

Get your exercise out there DoGs! Winter is GONE!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R-man wrote a column about me

WOW. Mom told me there is a column about me in our local newspaper.... R-man is such a great writer. He loves me SOOOOO much. ;)

Mom read me all the funny stuff he wrote about me. He forgot to mention my admirer Woody... But that hot german shepherd is just as good!

Here is a copy of the text..... all rights go to R-man's paper. Don't want no Twouble.

Hart: Dog writes own blog, chases cows and is talk of Calftown

MEET Lucy, the Border Collie of Doom. Lucy lives in Calftown and has the run of the place.

Lucy loves to go for walks, chase tennis balls, rip the stuffing out of her toy animals and watch you when you eat. She has hypnotizing brown eyes, and you cannot escape her stare.

This is what sets Lucy apart from other dogs -- she can talk.

And she has her own blog.

She has conversations, expresses thoughts, verbally accosts the dummy who cuts her walks short. She writes very well, too.

"Don't give out the blog address. That's just for my friends," she said the other day while flipping her head back and giving her owner the evil eye.

We were strolling the other day to her favorite place, a local park, when we walked past a big German Shepherd in a pen.

"Woof!" barked the Shepherd, his tail up and ears pointed to the sky.

"Whatever," Lucy said with a yawn. "Easy, big fella."

Lucy doesn't really walk. She trots, and she is sort of sideways when she heads down an alley or zips around the block.

But don't tell her about her off-kilter gait, because she'll get mad.

"I am NOT sideways," she says with a grimace. "I am trying to see better out of my left eye."

Lucy's favorite thing to do is chase those rotten squirrels. She patiently sits for five or 10 minutes at a time as they nibble at acorns by trees or telephone polls. Then she makes a headlong lunge and misses them by 30 feet.

"Not true," she said the other day after almost running into the garage chasing a squirrel. "I let them think I'm missing them by 30 feet. Next time, BAM, I've got 'em."

One time at South Park, she actually caught a squirrel. She shook it in her mouth, but she appeared to be so stunned and surprised with her capture that the squirrel easily squirmed away.

"I don't like to talk about that," she said.

Lucy grew up in Montana and was trained to herd cows. She gets very excited when she's in the car and sees cows in the pasture. She often begs her owner to stop and let her out, but that's not a good idea because she'd jump into the pasture and pretty soon you'd have a stampede of cows heading to the barn.

Lucy does like to herd her owner by nudging her toward the door when it's time to go for a walk. She'll also use naughty words early in the morning when she needs to go out, or so her owner says.

"She started cussing me at 5 a.m.," her tired owner said the other day. "Sometimes she has a really bad potty mouth."

Lucy is independent, sporty, proud of her gleaming black and white coat, and insistent about getting a treat after a walk. If talking doesn't work, she simply fastens her brown-eyed stare on you until the treat is acquired and gobbled up.

Lucy has dreams, vivid visions of chasing cows and cars. Her body begins shaking slightly, and she lets out yips in her sleep.

Lucy has the life of a dog. She is loved, and she loves back. She might not admit it out loud, but her body language never lies.

If you ignore her, she'll break out the vocal chords.

"We are going for a walk NOW!" she says almost every night.

Lucy rules the roost, and she knows it.

She is the talk of Calftown.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 miles a day?

Mom has started to take me on VERY long walks every day. She walks very fast though NOT as fast as me...

The route we take is 3 miles long and hilly. We go thru the park, thru the cemetary and to my favorite duck pond! She is wearing me out! Every day we go, go, go. I love to swim in the pond, chase the ducks and stalk the squirrels. At night I sleep like a rock! It is AWESOME!!!

I turn 9 in May and I have never felt better. It is very important to run and walk and play more as you get older. It. Will. Keep. You. Young!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Klutzy R-man and Babies!!!

Last night was exciting! So many new things and old things and noisy things! I was going on a car ride with mom. The breeze was blowing thru my whiskers. Inhaling the fresh spring air, my nostrils quivered. mmmmmmmmmm

I love the spring, the sky, the squirrels (damn squirrels) and especially I love a great car ride!!!! Mom is driving along and she looks so happy. Is she up to something??!!

She pulls up to a car that looks like R-man's! R-man! Out of the car and up the ramp, I am running into an old house and.... There is R-man! He looks very happy and has a guitar in his hands. He plays the guitar like a dream and I sit and listen for a sec! All of a sudden there are these great LOUD booming sounds coming from somewhere in the room!!!!!!!!

I was out of there so fast! I peeked around the corner and mom was laughing and rolling on the floor..... She tried to sooth me and told me that it was just a little bit of drums. I BELIEVE I dislike the drums.

She gathered me up and took me to the car. Pshew! I finally realized we were at Band Practice and
I. Don't. Like. Band. Practice.
Here is a picture of R-man rockin' out!!!

I waited for mom to come back to the car and we went over to Woody's house. He had been on vacation for over a week and I haven't seen him for SO long. He was so excited to see me and kiss me and smell me. By the end of the night my ears were soaked from his constant slobbering! Yuck!

Woody's mom had her grand baby over and both our mom's played with the screaming bugger for a REALLY long time. They call Woody Goofy?? More like, they need to look in the mirror and listen to how THEY talk.... Super Goofy!

Ain't Woody Handsome!!

Here's a picture of the baby with his 12 year old Uncle Bubba!!

Can you tell I took that picture off mom's phone??? She left it home today and I have been having a BLAST!!

I smelled that baby and had to run away!!! He had a pair of undies on that had green fumes coming out the top!!?? Woody's mom laughed and told me that I should be used to that since I have smelt so many butts. HUH?

Later that night, mom finally took me home. R-man came over and took me for a walk around the block. The air was crisp and clean. He walks so fast and his slender legs FASCINATE me.... I love my R-man! As we neared the end of our walk, R-man tripped over a branch on the sidewalk. HE FELL! That's like a large, old oak dropping flat on the ground! He was hurt.

When we got home Mom got out the band aids and neosporin and covered up the bloody spot on his elbow. She rubbed his shoulders and I nuzzled his other arm. I think he really appreciated how much care we took to make sure he felt better. I LOVE MY R-MAN! and I really hate to think he hurt himself for me.

Tonight I think I will make sure to kiss him again and maybe I'll get to lick his sore arm! mmmm I love it when I get close enough to do that!

Be careful out there DoGs! You don't want to get hurt.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fat Squirrels

Watching the beautiful Spring day unfold... Suddenly, two very fat squirrels ran out in front of me and up the tree! It is covered in Ivy and they were making such a racket! Running in circles and chittering at me! I hate those damn squirrels! They SUCK!

I really wish I could catch one of them and play with it till it collapses.... Mom doesn't really appreciate that very much, especially when they pass out in the house. I have seen her get the shovel and scoop them up to take a tired ole squirrel out back! I don't know what she does with them but I never see them again after that!!!

Yeah! The squirrels are back out! It is a great day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Runnin' on Empty!

WOW! Mom must have read my blog yesterday! Today she comes home from lunch and took me on the longest bike ride/run that I have been on in a long time. SOOOOO many new spots to sniff, places to pee and yards to soil! I had a blast.

Mom and R-man were making fun of my little poochy tummy last night.... I TOLD them it was just FUR!!! They thought that was so funny!!?? Mom was practically rolling around on the floor laughing and she was crying too? Sometimes she just don't get it. My little tummy needs to get bigger in the winter so that I will keep warm when I am outside. My fur gets really thick too. I SWEAR!

Just wait till June when I start shedding all this winter fur. THEN she will feel bad for making fun of me. I will loosen my fur so much that it will coat the entire house and it will take her weeks to cleanse the house of my essence! SO THERE!

Hopefully she will keep up these long bike rides. I love it when I can run free, alongside her bike, with my feet flying over the ground. She makes me wait at the street corners but otherwise I can run as fast as the wind.

Mom said that tonight we are going to take a long walk with Woody. That really cheers me up bunches. When I don't get to see my man for a while his smell changes so much that I have to re-sniff every inch of him. He says his mom gives him a bath almost EVERY week?? I know he's lying. Only a dirty, filthy, grody dog would need a bath more than twice a year.

Get ready for spring DoGs! The sun is shinin' and the road is clear!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom is Frazzled

Mom keeps closing the laptop so I haven't been able to update in a while. She is a little stressed about work and when she gets home I don't think she wants to think about a computer. She said something about a virus in her network???

She is working long hours and hardly has the energy to take me for a walk when she gets home... I AM NOT AMUSED!! I have to sit alone at home all day and she only comes by at lunch for a quick job around the neighborhood. She has been trying to nap after she finally finishes work but I need to RUN!!!

When I tell her how much I need to go out, she just says "Give me a minute." She needs a minute my heine! She takes forever getting the mail, going potty, turning on the heat and TV. What a stinkin waste. I continue to remind her that OUT is where we should be, nudging her ankles a little bit when I can. Today, she finally got around to finding her tennis shoes and I got so excited I ran down the alley and barked like a mad woman at the dufus dog by his fence!!!

I told him what a sucker he was for never getting to go on runs with his mom and that I thought he was a silly "little" dog!! woof! That was a blast.

Sometimes my vocabulary seems lacking in variety. I can say a few words but not really enough to tell mom all my thoughts and feelings. Luckily she TOTALLY understands the sense that I need a treat and my brain waves can guide her to the kitchen cabinet! Yummy!

You could say I am bilingual. Border Collie is my native language. Nudging, Eyeing, Growls, and Barks. They get most of my points across. Mom's Language - English - is my second language and over the years she has taught me to say "OUT", "NOW", and a small whimper of "Please". Other than that, I have to use the eyes, brainwaves, and nose to tell her where to go.

Finally, My third language is DoG. It is the zen art of communication that I share with all of GoD's creatures, including dogs. Squirrels, rabbits, mice, birds, cats, opossum, and dogs all have to communicate without their mom's knowing what they are saying. This is my favorite language!

Hope to get back on the laptop for another update soon. Have fun DoGs!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sheep Trials Indoors?

This is a great video to watch of one of my brethren herding sheep in England. You gotta love the BBC. If only this great sport could catch on in Central Illinois, USA.

Still, I can do the with Mom everyday and with Woody every night.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The snow is all melted? Mom opened up the windows on the back porch this week. I am confused... Usually we don't do this kinda thing until the squirrels come out of the trees and the birdies come back to the yard.

Last night mom got home LATE! She finally found the time to take me out to pee and as I was running through the yard I felt the squish of muddy grass between my paw pads. I stopped, wiggled my toes, and felt the mushy yard! Spring might be coming early this year!!!!!!

I am on the lookout for the squirrels now. Those little turds are gonna get it early this time! Maybe a few baby rabbits too!

I like it when mom takes me jogging. She started to do it regularly before the snow came and hopefully she will pick that back up now that the SPRING is here! She can't run far but as long as she takes me with her I am happy!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine

This has been a VERY active year for me. Between wheedling walks and treats from Mom, I have added additional wheedling of walks and treats from R-man. He is the AWESOMEST!

I Love You R-man!

When I run up ahead of you I want you to watch my booty wiggle. I trot sideways just for you. That silly half grin I get when you stick your toes to my nose means.... yummy smelly feet, mmmmmmm.

I Love you Mom!

Thank you for keeping R-man around this year. You are SO great at ignoring my treat breath and giving me more anyway. The glow-in-the-dark ball you got me this year has given me hours of total exhilaration! Making you throw it for hours has been my pleasure.

I Love Woody too!

Had to add that shout out to my MAN, Woody. He is the bestest, even though he can't keep up with me all the time.

Happy VD DoGs! Remember to kiss your lovers today and make them feel warm and fuzzy!

Friday, February 6, 2009



This farm dog rocks! DoGs, we can only aspire to be as great as this guy!

I love that he has been on Oprah! Jealous....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Butts, Butts and more Butts

As an elite member of the canine world, us Border Collies have very high standards to uphold. This requires that we "catalog" each dog booty we come upon in order to determine the dog's status in the neighborhood.

Of course, I always rank higher than any other dog! I can mark any object higher than any other dog. Even if I have to stand on my front paws with my butt in the air.... The acrobatics are FUN!

R-man is a butt that I LOVE! He is human though and I already know his butt is catalogued higher than mine. I want his butt to be catalogued higher than mine...... Love. Twue Wuv.

My boyfriend Woody has never wanted his butt catalogued higher than mine. He loves being dominated, herded and basically told what to do and where to do it! I have that dog twisted around my front paw so tight he squeaks... ;)

Being Top Dog is GOOD! (Don't Tell Mom....)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Ball

MOM FOUND MY BALL!!! It started off like any other evening... Mom napped for a whole hour. Then she got up and took me on a short little walk. Geez, 1/2 a miles does NOTHING for me!! Sometimes she sucks SO BAD! Then we got back home and mom started to play with me, throwing my animals and yanking them with me. OH Joy, oh joy. Suddenly she stopped short and hunkered down on the carpet... She looked at me funny and then got a silly grin on her face.... I was a bit confused and I looked back at her even funnier.... (my crooked smile gets her EVERY time.)

She reached her long arm under the bookcase and pulled out MY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!! My new ball that I lost the first day she brought it home had been in the house the entire time. We just forgot to look under the ugly bookcases. Mom is such a slacker.

SO, we played with my ball for a couple of minutes and then I got tired for a sec and laid down with my paws wrapped around it. I am not losing this ball AGAIN....

Keep on Truckin out there DoGs, if you keep on keepin on - Eventually - you will get what you are lookin for!

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Every Dog Knows!

If a dog was the teacher you would learn things like:

  • When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
  • Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.
  • Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.
  • Take naps.
  • Stretch before rising.
  • Run, romp, and play daily.
  • Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
  • Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
  • On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.
  • On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
  • When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
  • Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
  • Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop when you have had enough.
  • Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not.
  • If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
  • When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.
  • Being always grateful for each new day and for the blessing of you.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Bliss

The snow was so white and fluffy this morning. I wish mom would take a picture of it falling down, softly to the yard.....

I went outside and checked the perimeter for new squirrel activity in the 'hood. It is getting warmer and there is quite a bit of running around being done by those damn rats! I am keeping my EYE on them for now.

As I walked my route, checked my outposts, and sniffed the snow; I thought about just how beautiful the snow is this time of year. It is just getting warm enough for the snow to be the perfect consistency. Mom thinks it is too big and wet! She tries to get me to hurry up and peepee/poopoo but I'll have NONE of that! Especially this morning when taking my time means I will get to have a thin coat of snow all over my furry bod!

Trotting through the yard, I suddenly smelled a delicious little spot on the ground. I had to roll over, wallow, and rub myself silly in the scents! When I got up I looked at the snow and the pattern I had left and swore.......

It looked like one of those snow angels the kids make in the front yard! WOW! It was stunning!

DoGs, Remember to appreciate the beauty in this world. Sit back, reflect and treat your humans well!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mail Man!

The mailman and I have been bonding for a very long time. As he delivers the mail, I start to bark and run through the house like a crazy woman! The sound of the mail slot opening and closing will keep me interested for at least 10 minutes. When mom goes out to get the mail off the floor, I run out there to make sure it was OUR mailman that delivered the mail....

Sometimes he is lazy and another, stinkier man will deliver to our neighborhood. I don't want to bond with the other guy, Just Our Guy!

Some days, mom will have me outside when the mailman delivers. On those days, I get to sniff his hand and get a little scritch behind the ears. mmmmmm. Nice.

Today, mom and I were walking in a TOTALLY different block than we normally walk. Suddenly I smelled our mailman! There he was delivering mail to some other house???? I ran up to him and sniffed his legs and shoes. hmmm. I think he must have got lost. He looked down at me and said "Hello, Lucy!" (he remembers MY name) He asked me where mom was and I ran back to the corner to see if her slowpoke ass was EVER gonna catch up. YEP, there she was, puttin' along. I ran back to the mailman and let him know she was on her way. He must not have understood because THEN he walked to the corner to see if mom was there.

When he saw her he bent down and scritched me some more! He was very happy that mom was there and ME TOO! I was hopin' to finish our walk with the mailman but mom made me go another route that he wasn't following.... she is SO stubborn.

Much more retraining is due her. She has such a hard time figuring out where I want her to go; Even when I herd her HARD!!!

Have fun out there DoGs, be nice to your mailman! Sometimes he has TREATS!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ball Blues...

Mom got me a few toys a week ago at the sports store when r-man and her went shopping for hockey sticks... They brought home a glow-in-the-dark ball, I know it's not a "normal" ball because it really doesn't bounce right. Mom laughed and said it was for Floor Hockey? Whatever, IT'S A NEW BALL!!! That I lost almost immediately. We have searched the house high and low (me and mom) to come to the conclusion that it must be outside, buried in the new snow....

I can't wait for the snow to melt so that I can go outside and find the damn thing! What is wrong with mom that she can't scritch my butt, feed me treats, and keep track of my new ball???


Saturday, January 24, 2009



The world is changing every day. The winter snow has fizzled, my walks and runs are becoming more frequent and life has been good all around for us border collies.... Except?

My Treats Have Changed (for some unknown people reason!)

Mom came home from the store with several new treat baggies. I have had some wild changes in my life before but this one has hit me HARD!

As I wait patiently, with the softest of brown eyed looks, mom heads to cupboard the other day and gives me my treats. My nose picked up the subtle change in odor and my mind began to reel. The first day she gave me some treats that tasted like Cheddar Cheese. They are small little rabbit sized treats that take an entire mom sized handful to even equal 1/2 of one of my old cookie treats. The texture is grainy and turns to a delectable creamy, cheesy goo in my mouth? It took me several morsels to get used to these tiny bits.... I think they are AWESOME.

The next day she opened YET ANOTHER BAGGIE!!?? They look like tiny little chunks of bone with a beefy marrow. These smelled like my beloved steak bites??? I took one in my mouth and it immediately crumbled out onto the floor. I had to snuff around quite a bit to get all the tiny crumbs. As they slid past my taste buds and down my throat I realized they were probably good for me.... The burps were an awesome aftertaste and in the end my tummy purred like the wicked cat next door!! Mom called them MarroBone. mmmmmmm.

Later that afternoon, I was begging her for a walk and she got her shoes on, slowly.... She grabbed another baggie of treats and we headed out the door. I could smell the training treats in her pocket. I KNEW THEY WERE MY OLD TREATS but she just ignored my pleading and forced me to enjoy the walk to the park. When we got to the park, she started running through my agility paces and some other great tricks I have perfected. As soon as I got really good, out came my old treats!!! GoD I love my mom.

SO this morning I had no idea what to expect when she pulled out some treats to thank me for being such a great and loyal doG. This time I could not tell what the treats were.... Smelled like a bacon, sugar, bread kind of substance and it was shaped like a piece of bacon. IT WAS NOT BACON!!! No, Not Bacon. What the Hellllll??? I delicately took a bite and then actually tried chewing a bit....

Oh Well, it was a treat and if she insists..... I will have to enjoy eating it. I LOVE TREATS!!!! No matter what kind of treat mix mom tries to throw at me, so far I have risen to the challenge and devoured them all. I am usually very OCD when it comes to my life. Walks, Treats, Runs, Treats, Nap, Walk, Treats, Nap, then a sensible dinner...... Sometimes a car ride thrown in for good measure....

Dog out there... Take a chance and you might surprise your mom and enjoy the changes!

Mom's favorite blogger keeps putting up pictures of her crazy dog and sometimes I just laugh my booty off! Take a look HERE! It's called!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Girl Talk

Sometimes mom does the right thing. REALLY! Yesterday afternoon I was herding her to the back door for a walk and SHE PUT ON HER COAT like she was going to take me.... Then she got distracted by the phone, dammit. After I got her refocused on the back door, it took a few minutes for her to catch on that I remembered she had already put her coat on and that she is taking me for a walk.... nudging some more, I finally got her out the back door.

She had on all kinds of crap! Scarf, Coat, Gloves and a HAT???!! The shoes are usually more than I can BEAR, especially those thin little "socks" she puts on. She don't know just how cute REAL socks are! Mine are permanent too! ;)

Back to that damn walk.

I was expecting one of her wimpy little walks where she just takes me around the high school and back up to the house. It is only about 3/4 a mile and my needs are much greater. She can't keep up sometimes and it is SO disappointing. But today she took me on a route that R-man usually takes me.... I started to question her motivation; was she taking me to the Vet? Were treats involved? I was tingling with anticipation!

She turned and went down by the Catholic Elementary School. I started to know where we were going..... WOODY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom was taking me over to my boyfriend, Woody, so that he could join us for a walk through the cemetery! It is a great walk for he and I to take together. We got to race the neighbor dogs together. At one point he had his nose so far up my behind I tripped over him when I was turning back to race the neighbor dogs again! What a man.

Our walk together was great. He likes to pee for hours. He has lost some weight recently and is looking even more studly than ever! If only we weren't both fixed, I would maybe let him have his way with me. NOT. That was the first thing he had to learn about me, I'm a tease, but he still loved me anyway.

By the end of our walk, Woody was foaming at the mouth. He is a Golden Retriever and doesn't have the athletic ability that we Border Collies have.... When we got to his house, he let me drink first from his water bowl. What a gentleman. Afterwards, the sound of his glomping down the rest of his water started to turn me off. As soon as I could get mom to the door I barked BYE to my Woody, shook my booty at him and trotted down the street.

It is always good to make a fabulous exit! He is panting by the door waiting for me to return another day!

Mom got me home and we played ball for a while until she finally decided to get me a treat. She is a bit slow. By the end of the night I was dreaming of herding COWS with my Woody man trailing after me.

Take your time out there DOGS! Stop to smell something (or someone) every so often!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alley Garbage Blues

So last night R-man took me for a walk and lectured me before we left about not sniffing trash when we walked down the alley.

R-man is a retard.

I mean, I love the guy, but DUDE, I'M A FREAKING DOG.

First of all, Tuesday night is trash night and I can start sniffing it in the afternoon. Not that R-man or mom would care since they ignore me during the day. They say they "have to work" but that's a bunch of moldy dog treats.

So I just cross my paws and wait patiently. That's what Border Collies do, you know.

This cold weather has gotten me down but we can still walk, you know. Last night we skipped down the street and I got halfway down the alley and sure enough, R-man calls to me and we keep going and skip the alley completely.

There had to have been seven sets of trash out there and it's my job to sniff every single one, but NOOOOOO, we have to skip it.

Big dumb R-man.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to Chew On!

I saw this YUMMY Toy on the net and plan on asking MOM for this little rascal NEXT!!

Last night I got 5 new toy plush animals.... OH THE JOY AND GREATNESS OF LIFE! I danced and played and tossed the new toys around for about half an hour!!! Mom giggles the entire time and kept fighting with me over the toys!!! She would tug and tug and tug... When she won, she would throw one ALL THE WAY ACROSS the room!! I would have to run around and decide which new toy to bring back over to her!!

WOW that was exciting. When I finally got exhausted from the purest pleasure EVER, I gathered my babies and stacked them in a great pile and plopped my paws and head on top! Blessed are the Mom's of this world. New toys.... mmmmm. I barely even know where the time went!

Soon it was time for a walk outside with mom. She begged ME this time. I was thrilled to go but really hurried about my "business" so that I could get back to the new toys and cuddle.

Life Is Good.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Boredom

How on earth am I supposed to keep active in the middle of winter? Sometimes the ice is so thick I don't see how I will get to the back year to pee? I wrote a bit of blog on mom's blog a while back about this experience. I'll reprint it here.... Enjoy!


You want me to do WHAT?! Go pee out there? Do you see that ice? DAMN! okay, I'll try.

As I headed out the door this morning to risk life and limb for a pee, I wondered who thought of this aSSinine pee/poo process for dogs.... There should be an alternative that could be used on really cold and really icy days.

Slipping down the sidewalk, crunching through the yard, and finally selecting the perfect spot seemed to take years off my life. My pee seemed to freeze before it hit the ground. There is literally a column of pee by the back tree!!

The squirrels weren't even out yet! You people have no idea what I go thru for mom. YEARS of my life spent indoors sleeping on the couch.... What a waste. When I lived in Wyoming I went to work every day and stayed there till the cows came home! Really. Now, I only get to see the cows when mom drives me out by Deter's. Oooops, I drifted off topic. (I love cows!)

Back to the damn ice this morning. I think I pulled a hammy. Maybe I can get my buddy Rot to massage it for me tonight. He has great hands. Be careful out there DOGS, it is a slick and icky mess.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Border Collie Rules

Mom is slowly (I am almost 9) learning all the rules of having a border collie as her master.

  • We love to work
  • Don't take me on a walk and then expect to sit around, play, play, play
  • Treats are a necessity
  • Agility is a MUST sport for me.
  • Take me to the COWS!!
  • Run me thru the park and cemetary
  • Rub my ears, booty and tummy
  • NO mouse traps or poison. I want to chase them and make them DIE.
  • My essence (fur) is NOT to be swept or vacuumed up! She is sneaky with this one and I think it may be a point we have at least compromised upon.
  • I like to wake up early and get a start on the dawn. NO sleeping in for her!
  • When I talk to her she MUST listen.
  • Go where I tell her to go.
  • Roll the windows down in the car!
  • Always include Woody, my buddy, whenever possible.
  • Wait is NOT in my vocabulary, only hers.
  • Throw the BALL!
  • Throw the Frisbee!
  • Scritch my ears often.
  • Don't bother me when thunderstorms are rolling in! I LIKE IT IN THE BATHTUB!
  • Fill the birdfeeder often and make sure I can sit outside to watch!
  • The mailman is SUPPOSED to be greeted every day!
  • Squirrels are meant to DIE! Rabbits too!
  • Toys, Toys, and more Toys. The stuffing is awesome!
I still have much work to do with her. Her training may never end. If I could just get her to stop cleaning the damn house, alot would be accomplished!

What else can I do to train her? Only the future will tell....

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Mom is the Bestest!

  • I asked for strength that I might rear her perfectly;
  • I was given weakness that I might beg for more treats.
  • I asked for good health that I might rest easy;
  • I was given a "special needs" mom that I might know nurturing.
  • I asked for an obedient mom that I might feel proud;
  • I was given stubbornness that I might feel needed.
  • I asked for compliance that I might feel masterful;
  • I was given a human that I might laugh.
  • I asked for a companion that I might not feel lonely;
  • I was given a best friend that I would feel loved.
  • I got nothing I asked for,
  • But everything I need.
-- Unknown

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just a Dog!

I am just a dog. Dogs are awesome. As a border collie, I have even more pride in being a dog. We are smart, athletic and the most loyal dogs. My mom has been in a few tight spots and if it weren't for me getting her out of the house, she might be DOA.

Reasons I love being a dog and living with Mom.

  1. Mom gives me treats "regularly" according to her schedule...
  2. Running, running, running. I can run so fast mom has to follow me on the bicycle! When we lived in Wyoming, she would follow me in the Scout on the back trails.
  3. Sleep. When all the humans get up and go to work, I can fall back asleep on the couch. (Occasionally I sneak onto mom's bed when she isn't here and get the BEST nap ever!)
  4. Garbage Day. Wednesday mornings (especially after a holiday) are the best days to sniff the neighborhood. When mom isn't looking I can get some juicy morsels out of the neighbor's trash bins... aaaahhh
  5. Woody. My buddy. He can index my booty anytime. He is a great running partner and he even lets me bully him around.
  6. Long walks with R-man thru the cemetery. Peaceful and serene as I look out over the river.
  7. My ball. My Frisbee. My stuffed animals. Squeaky toys, crinkly balls, bouncy balls, neighbor's baseball. I love my toys!!!
  8. Cows and Sheep. You have no idea the joy I get when I herd these beasts around. They are my slaves.
  9. Car Rides. Hanging my head out the window of mom's car, letting the breeze flap my little ears.....
  10. Hypnotizing R-man with my big brown eyes.

Of course I have a job and responsibilities around the house. Mom always needs to know where she is going. The door needs to be opened. The birds and squirrels need to be chased out of the yard. The vacuum needs to be chased so mom doesn't get hurt. AND best of all SOMEONE needs to lick the plates clean after mom and R-man have a meal.

As the new year opens, I am reminded that my yearly vet appointment is just around the corner. It is the ONE thing I hate about being a dog. I make sure to be on my best behaviour when we go see the vet because, They. Give. Out. Treats. To. Me!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Fantasy

Watch the video on this blog and you will know what I dream about every night I don't dream about doing the same to COWS...

Herding Sheep

The Water Bowl

It seems that bowl season is upon us. NO, I am not talking about Ella the Therapy Dog! The Family bowl tournament is driving Mom and Dad crazy though!!! Next year I am hoping at a chance to prove that bitch wrong once and for all. She thinks she know football???

My concerns involve my actual Water Bowl. It seems that mom is neglecting to keep it FULL for me. (I would NEVER expect R-man to stoop to do mom's chores.... I Love Him!) Let me tell you a tale of water bowl neglect...

Before Christmas my mom's sister was over at the house wrapping gifts while R-man and Mom were out doing god knows what! They were certainly not taking me on a walk.... Well for two hours I waited for mom to come home, sleeping, watching Animal Planet, walking thru sis's gift wrapping, pacing thru some yummy and sticky tape. I started to sing... in quiet desperation, knuckles white upon the slippery reins ... okay, I digress.

Next thing you know mom walks thru the door like nothin' ever happened. For a few quick moments I jumped for joy and, well, the thrill of seeing her has never ceased to make me lose my mind for a couple of secs....

I finally got my composure and decided to make a point of indicating that my water bowl had been dry for the entire time mom's sis was wrapping Christmas gifts... Two Whole Hours...

I started to cough, mom kept putting away my new treats....

I then started putting a little back into it... maybe some dry heaving.... still mom wandered the house...

a little hacking... One Louder! Louder!! More Hacking! FOR GOD'S SAKE MOM, MY WATER BOWL IS EMPTY..... (she decided to look at me and started to laugh! WTF?)

I stopped short of writhing on the floor and howling.... that would be beneath me.

After mom quit rolling on the kitchen floor with her sis, laughing hysterically, AND crying... She suddenly ran over to my water bowl and filled it up with the blessed cool water of the BATHROOM SINK!!!!!

I ran over to the bowl and gave it a cursory lick. I threw in a small hack/cough for effect and then ran off to play. WOW. The water bowl is finally full again.

The evening came to a fruitful and satisfying end when my R-man walked in the back door and invited me for a quicky around the block. Did I mention how much I LOVE HIM?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Skippin Sideways

Sometimes I wonder about my mom and that big dummy R-Man. I mean, c’mon, there’s no ice or snow right now. Let’s go for a freaking walk once in a while!

They both came home at about 1 in the morning on New Year’s. R-Man tried to take me for a walk, but he was leaning over to the side most of the way and, as usual, it was short.

Sometimes R-Man makes fun of the way I skip down the street when we head out on a long walk. Well, when you are trapped inside most of the day, you’d be skipping too, buster.

R-Man says I skip “sideways.” Well, the other night he wasn’t exactly walking straight up, if ya know what I mean. He said something about a big party at The Elks (there’s elk around here? Where? WHERE?!!!) and I didn’t appreciate him bein’ so goofy.

So yesterday we sat around all day and watched football and the hockey game in the outdoor baseball field. What? 40,000 idiots sitting there watching guys slide around the ice?

I’d like R-Man to take me to a farm pond sometimes so we can both slide around the ice.

I think it’s getting warmer, so no more excuses, R-Man. You better be skippin’ with me after work today!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


My walks in the park with R-man are sometimes the most cool walks with him. The cemetery is like the open range. The hawks and squirrels are everywhere! Woody and I even got to check out a possum the other day! It played dead for us and later played dead for us again.... I swear it had been running around but then suddenly it kinda rolled over and curled up.... BOTH Times?

Here I am avoiding another picture. Jeesh they like to click that camera! Mom got R-man a camera for Christmas and he is really goin crazy...

Sometimes they get a cool pic of me with Woody, my boyfriend, but he always looks like such a doofus in those. He's a golden retriever and they just seem to photograph that way....

More later, gotta run!