Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have been published in the Quincy Herald Whig!!!! They put it under R-man's byline and name but his column is ALL me! Local bloggers have even noticed!

The Quincy Pundit

They like to make fun of my R-man but I am VERY proud of him. He Rocks! Mom loves him too. I can only get on the computer when mom lets me so it is very hard to update the blog.... I try. It is really nice to have my thoughts recognized by the local media. Have I already said how much R-man ROCKS!!

Here is a copy of the article. I hate to post links to the Whig since they always seem to disappear after a week...
Glad to see the local media supporting one of my favorite charities also..... has another great picture of Chuck! I love those dogs!

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