Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Possum!

Mom has been off work for a week and has been taking us for extra walks in Woodland Cemetery! We love her so much but she seems to struggle with these walks and I am always very good for mom... Bella is... bella! She gets into everything!

Today while we were running around, Bella disappeared and then I heard mom yelling at her to stop! I ran over to where the action was and found Bella throwing a baby possum around! She was dancing and throwing and dancing some more. All the while mom was trying to get her to stop and leave the dead possum alone. I think Bella wanted to dance some more with her prize but I jumped in and grabbed the dead possum and ran off a ways. Mom started yelling at me and then I realized that she was just trying to get Bella to put it down and leave it alone.... ooops. I forgot that I already knew that!

SO.... mom finally got me to drop the possum and guarded it until I distracted Bella away from the "situation". We felt bad for upsetting mom and tried to be VERY good for the rest of the walk. BUT, of course Bella is..... bella. hahahha

Bella was very proud of her first kill and pranced around the rest of the walk. Mom is so great and let Bella have her moment and Bella was very Happy!

I am happy that Bella is growing up and may become a great dog someday!

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