Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alley Garbage Blues

So last night R-man took me for a walk and lectured me before we left about not sniffing trash when we walked down the alley.

R-man is a retard.

I mean, I love the guy, but DUDE, I'M A FREAKING DOG.

First of all, Tuesday night is trash night and I can start sniffing it in the afternoon. Not that R-man or mom would care since they ignore me during the day. They say they "have to work" but that's a bunch of moldy dog treats.

So I just cross my paws and wait patiently. That's what Border Collies do, you know.

This cold weather has gotten me down but we can still walk, you know. Last night we skipped down the street and I got halfway down the alley and sure enough, R-man calls to me and we keep going and skip the alley completely.

There had to have been seven sets of trash out there and it's my job to sniff every single one, but NOOOOOO, we have to skip it.

Big dumb R-man.


  1. Lucy.... such disrespect! Your R-man loves you and he's the ONLY person I know that is willing to go for a walk with you no matter WHAT the weather. Now THAT's a loyal human!! btw.... this blog is MORE than hilarious:)

  2. LuLa, You have to take the man by the hand and teach him how to treat you. Nudge, Nudge, Nudge... Treat him like those Damn Cows!