Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mail Man!

The mailman and I have been bonding for a very long time. As he delivers the mail, I start to bark and run through the house like a crazy woman! The sound of the mail slot opening and closing will keep me interested for at least 10 minutes. When mom goes out to get the mail off the floor, I run out there to make sure it was OUR mailman that delivered the mail....

Sometimes he is lazy and another, stinkier man will deliver to our neighborhood. I don't want to bond with the other guy, Just Our Guy!

Some days, mom will have me outside when the mailman delivers. On those days, I get to sniff his hand and get a little scritch behind the ears. mmmmmm. Nice.

Today, mom and I were walking in a TOTALLY different block than we normally walk. Suddenly I smelled our mailman! There he was delivering mail to some other house???? I ran up to him and sniffed his legs and shoes. hmmm. I think he must have got lost. He looked down at me and said "Hello, Lucy!" (he remembers MY name) He asked me where mom was and I ran back to the corner to see if her slowpoke ass was EVER gonna catch up. YEP, there she was, puttin' along. I ran back to the mailman and let him know she was on her way. He must not have understood because THEN he walked to the corner to see if mom was there.

When he saw her he bent down and scritched me some more! He was very happy that mom was there and ME TOO! I was hopin' to finish our walk with the mailman but mom made me go another route that he wasn't following.... she is SO stubborn.

Much more retraining is due her. She has such a hard time figuring out where I want her to go; Even when I herd her HARD!!!

Have fun out there DoGs, be nice to your mailman! Sometimes he has TREATS!!!!


  1. Keep workin' on her girl! You will eventually get ur mom trained!

  2. That is hilarious! Shamu barks like crazy when our mail comes, too! Although I wouldn't trust him anywhere near her...he is not the friendliest dog. lol

  3. I started training with treats to get her to find the mailman more pleasurable. She is really excited for treats when he comes to the house...