Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Boredom

How on earth am I supposed to keep active in the middle of winter? Sometimes the ice is so thick I don't see how I will get to the back year to pee? I wrote a bit of blog on mom's blog a while back about this experience. I'll reprint it here.... Enjoy!


You want me to do WHAT?! Go pee out there? Do you see that ice? DAMN! okay, I'll try.

As I headed out the door this morning to risk life and limb for a pee, I wondered who thought of this aSSinine pee/poo process for dogs.... There should be an alternative that could be used on really cold and really icy days.

Slipping down the sidewalk, crunching through the yard, and finally selecting the perfect spot seemed to take years off my life. My pee seemed to freeze before it hit the ground. There is literally a column of pee by the back tree!!

The squirrels weren't even out yet! You people have no idea what I go thru for mom. YEARS of my life spent indoors sleeping on the couch.... What a waste. When I lived in Wyoming I went to work every day and stayed there till the cows came home! Really. Now, I only get to see the cows when mom drives me out by Deter's. Oooops, I drifted off topic. (I love cows!)

Back to the damn ice this morning. I think I pulled a hammy. Maybe I can get my buddy Rot to massage it for me tonight. He has great hands. Be careful out there DOGS, it is a slick and icky mess.

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