Sunday, January 11, 2009

Border Collie Rules

Mom is slowly (I am almost 9) learning all the rules of having a border collie as her master.

  • We love to work
  • Don't take me on a walk and then expect to sit around, play, play, play
  • Treats are a necessity
  • Agility is a MUST sport for me.
  • Take me to the COWS!!
  • Run me thru the park and cemetary
  • Rub my ears, booty and tummy
  • NO mouse traps or poison. I want to chase them and make them DIE.
  • My essence (fur) is NOT to be swept or vacuumed up! She is sneaky with this one and I think it may be a point we have at least compromised upon.
  • I like to wake up early and get a start on the dawn. NO sleeping in for her!
  • When I talk to her she MUST listen.
  • Go where I tell her to go.
  • Roll the windows down in the car!
  • Always include Woody, my buddy, whenever possible.
  • Wait is NOT in my vocabulary, only hers.
  • Throw the BALL!
  • Throw the Frisbee!
  • Scritch my ears often.
  • Don't bother me when thunderstorms are rolling in! I LIKE IT IN THE BATHTUB!
  • Fill the birdfeeder often and make sure I can sit outside to watch!
  • The mailman is SUPPOSED to be greeted every day!
  • Squirrels are meant to DIE! Rabbits too!
  • Toys, Toys, and more Toys. The stuffing is awesome!
I still have much work to do with her. Her training may never end. If I could just get her to stop cleaning the damn house, alot would be accomplished!

What else can I do to train her? Only the future will tell....


  1. You sound wike a bery fun gurl! I am 9 too; but I fink you are much more actif than I yam.
    Yur friend,
    Zorro aka zztopdog

  2. I lived on a ranch for 4 years, am in perfect health, and love to run! I get a little stiff and sore sometimes but I think that is just because of the weather, not age...