Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to Chew On!

I saw this YUMMY Toy on the net and plan on asking MOM for this little rascal NEXT!!

Last night I got 5 new toy plush animals.... OH THE JOY AND GREATNESS OF LIFE! I danced and played and tossed the new toys around for about half an hour!!! Mom giggles the entire time and kept fighting with me over the toys!!! She would tug and tug and tug... When she won, she would throw one ALL THE WAY ACROSS the room!! I would have to run around and decide which new toy to bring back over to her!!

WOW that was exciting. When I finally got exhausted from the purest pleasure EVER, I gathered my babies and stacked them in a great pile and plopped my paws and head on top! Blessed are the Mom's of this world. New toys.... mmmmm. I barely even know where the time went!

Soon it was time for a walk outside with mom. She begged ME this time. I was thrilled to go but really hurried about my "business" so that I could get back to the new toys and cuddle.

Life Is Good.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Lucy.... I showed the toy to Woody and he LOVED it! Now he's wanting one, too!!

  2. You got a great life girrrrl!