Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Bliss

The snow was so white and fluffy this morning. I wish mom would take a picture of it falling down, softly to the yard.....

I went outside and checked the perimeter for new squirrel activity in the 'hood. It is getting warmer and there is quite a bit of running around being done by those damn rats! I am keeping my EYE on them for now.

As I walked my route, checked my outposts, and sniffed the snow; I thought about just how beautiful the snow is this time of year. It is just getting warm enough for the snow to be the perfect consistency. Mom thinks it is too big and wet! She tries to get me to hurry up and peepee/poopoo but I'll have NONE of that! Especially this morning when taking my time means I will get to have a thin coat of snow all over my furry bod!

Trotting through the yard, I suddenly smelled a delicious little spot on the ground. I had to roll over, wallow, and rub myself silly in the scents! When I got up I looked at the snow and the pattern I had left and swore.......

It looked like one of those snow angels the kids make in the front yard! WOW! It was stunning!

DoGs, Remember to appreciate the beauty in this world. Sit back, reflect and treat your humans well!

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