Saturday, January 24, 2009



The world is changing every day. The winter snow has fizzled, my walks and runs are becoming more frequent and life has been good all around for us border collies.... Except?

My Treats Have Changed (for some unknown people reason!)

Mom came home from the store with several new treat baggies. I have had some wild changes in my life before but this one has hit me HARD!

As I wait patiently, with the softest of brown eyed looks, mom heads to cupboard the other day and gives me my treats. My nose picked up the subtle change in odor and my mind began to reel. The first day she gave me some treats that tasted like Cheddar Cheese. They are small little rabbit sized treats that take an entire mom sized handful to even equal 1/2 of one of my old cookie treats. The texture is grainy and turns to a delectable creamy, cheesy goo in my mouth? It took me several morsels to get used to these tiny bits.... I think they are AWESOME.

The next day she opened YET ANOTHER BAGGIE!!?? They look like tiny little chunks of bone with a beefy marrow. These smelled like my beloved steak bites??? I took one in my mouth and it immediately crumbled out onto the floor. I had to snuff around quite a bit to get all the tiny crumbs. As they slid past my taste buds and down my throat I realized they were probably good for me.... The burps were an awesome aftertaste and in the end my tummy purred like the wicked cat next door!! Mom called them MarroBone. mmmmmmm.

Later that afternoon, I was begging her for a walk and she got her shoes on, slowly.... She grabbed another baggie of treats and we headed out the door. I could smell the training treats in her pocket. I KNEW THEY WERE MY OLD TREATS but she just ignored my pleading and forced me to enjoy the walk to the park. When we got to the park, she started running through my agility paces and some other great tricks I have perfected. As soon as I got really good, out came my old treats!!! GoD I love my mom.

SO this morning I had no idea what to expect when she pulled out some treats to thank me for being such a great and loyal doG. This time I could not tell what the treats were.... Smelled like a bacon, sugar, bread kind of substance and it was shaped like a piece of bacon. IT WAS NOT BACON!!! No, Not Bacon. What the Hellllll??? I delicately took a bite and then actually tried chewing a bit....

Oh Well, it was a treat and if she insists..... I will have to enjoy eating it. I LOVE TREATS!!!! No matter what kind of treat mix mom tries to throw at me, so far I have risen to the challenge and devoured them all. I am usually very OCD when it comes to my life. Walks, Treats, Runs, Treats, Nap, Walk, Treats, Nap, then a sensible dinner...... Sometimes a car ride thrown in for good measure....

Dog out there... Take a chance and you might surprise your mom and enjoy the changes!

Mom's favorite blogger keeps putting up pictures of her crazy dog and sometimes I just laugh my booty off! Take a look HERE! It's called!!!


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  1. You don't know how lucky you are, Lucy! Woody only gets ice cubes.... but he loves them just as much as if they were gourmet dog cuisine!!