Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just a Dog!

I am just a dog. Dogs are awesome. As a border collie, I have even more pride in being a dog. We are smart, athletic and the most loyal dogs. My mom has been in a few tight spots and if it weren't for me getting her out of the house, she might be DOA.

Reasons I love being a dog and living with Mom.

  1. Mom gives me treats "regularly" according to her schedule...
  2. Running, running, running. I can run so fast mom has to follow me on the bicycle! When we lived in Wyoming, she would follow me in the Scout on the back trails.
  3. Sleep. When all the humans get up and go to work, I can fall back asleep on the couch. (Occasionally I sneak onto mom's bed when she isn't here and get the BEST nap ever!)
  4. Garbage Day. Wednesday mornings (especially after a holiday) are the best days to sniff the neighborhood. When mom isn't looking I can get some juicy morsels out of the neighbor's trash bins... aaaahhh
  5. Woody. My buddy. He can index my booty anytime. He is a great running partner and he even lets me bully him around.
  6. Long walks with R-man thru the cemetery. Peaceful and serene as I look out over the river.
  7. My ball. My Frisbee. My stuffed animals. Squeaky toys, crinkly balls, bouncy balls, neighbor's baseball. I love my toys!!!
  8. Cows and Sheep. You have no idea the joy I get when I herd these beasts around. They are my slaves.
  9. Car Rides. Hanging my head out the window of mom's car, letting the breeze flap my little ears.....
  10. Hypnotizing R-man with my big brown eyes.

Of course I have a job and responsibilities around the house. Mom always needs to know where she is going. The door needs to be opened. The birds and squirrels need to be chased out of the yard. The vacuum needs to be chased so mom doesn't get hurt. AND best of all SOMEONE needs to lick the plates clean after mom and R-man have a meal.

As the new year opens, I am reminded that my yearly vet appointment is just around the corner. It is the ONE thing I hate about being a dog. I make sure to be on my best behaviour when we go see the vet because, They. Give. Out. Treats. To. Me!!!!!!!


  1. lol watch out or your mom might cach you on the computer