Friday, January 2, 2009

Skippin Sideways

Sometimes I wonder about my mom and that big dummy R-Man. I mean, c’mon, there’s no ice or snow right now. Let’s go for a freaking walk once in a while!

They both came home at about 1 in the morning on New Year’s. R-Man tried to take me for a walk, but he was leaning over to the side most of the way and, as usual, it was short.

Sometimes R-Man makes fun of the way I skip down the street when we head out on a long walk. Well, when you are trapped inside most of the day, you’d be skipping too, buster.

R-Man says I skip “sideways.” Well, the other night he wasn’t exactly walking straight up, if ya know what I mean. He said something about a big party at The Elks (there’s elk around here? Where? WHERE?!!!) and I didn’t appreciate him bein’ so goofy.

So yesterday we sat around all day and watched football and the hockey game in the outdoor baseball field. What? 40,000 idiots sitting there watching guys slide around the ice?

I’d like R-Man to take me to a farm pond sometimes so we can both slide around the ice.

I think it’s getting warmer, so no more excuses, R-Man. You better be skippin’ with me after work today!

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