Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Water Bowl

It seems that bowl season is upon us. NO, I am not talking about Ella the Therapy Dog! The Family bowl tournament is driving Mom and Dad crazy though!!! Next year I am hoping at a chance to prove that bitch wrong once and for all. She thinks she know football???

My concerns involve my actual Water Bowl. It seems that mom is neglecting to keep it FULL for me. (I would NEVER expect R-man to stoop to do mom's chores.... I Love Him!) Let me tell you a tale of water bowl neglect...

Before Christmas my mom's sister was over at the house wrapping gifts while R-man and Mom were out doing god knows what! They were certainly not taking me on a walk.... Well for two hours I waited for mom to come home, sleeping, watching Animal Planet, walking thru sis's gift wrapping, pacing thru some yummy and sticky tape. I started to sing... in quiet desperation, knuckles white upon the slippery reins ... okay, I digress.

Next thing you know mom walks thru the door like nothin' ever happened. For a few quick moments I jumped for joy and, well, the thrill of seeing her has never ceased to make me lose my mind for a couple of secs....

I finally got my composure and decided to make a point of indicating that my water bowl had been dry for the entire time mom's sis was wrapping Christmas gifts... Two Whole Hours...

I started to cough, mom kept putting away my new treats....

I then started putting a little back into it... maybe some dry heaving.... still mom wandered the house...

a little hacking... One Louder! Louder!! More Hacking! FOR GOD'S SAKE MOM, MY WATER BOWL IS EMPTY..... (she decided to look at me and started to laugh! WTF?)

I stopped short of writhing on the floor and howling.... that would be beneath me.

After mom quit rolling on the kitchen floor with her sis, laughing hysterically, AND crying... She suddenly ran over to my water bowl and filled it up with the blessed cool water of the BATHROOM SINK!!!!!

I ran over to the bowl and gave it a cursory lick. I threw in a small hack/cough for effect and then ran off to play. WOW. The water bowl is finally full again.

The evening came to a fruitful and satisfying end when my R-man walked in the back door and invited me for a quicky around the block. Did I mention how much I LOVE HIM?


  1. She was definitely workin' it.... I'd never seen anything like it!

  2. This dog is in charge!!