Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine

This has been a VERY active year for me. Between wheedling walks and treats from Mom, I have added additional wheedling of walks and treats from R-man. He is the AWESOMEST!

I Love You R-man!

When I run up ahead of you I want you to watch my booty wiggle. I trot sideways just for you. That silly half grin I get when you stick your toes to my nose means.... yummy smelly feet, mmmmmmm.

I Love you Mom!

Thank you for keeping R-man around this year. You are SO great at ignoring my treat breath and giving me more anyway. The glow-in-the-dark ball you got me this year has given me hours of total exhilaration! Making you throw it for hours has been my pleasure.

I Love Woody too!

Had to add that shout out to my MAN, Woody. He is the bestest, even though he can't keep up with me all the time.

Happy VD DoGs! Remember to kiss your lovers today and make them feel warm and fuzzy!


  1. Message from Woody.... you have the sexiest booty in town, I could play ball with you all day, and YOU are the bestest. I am GLAD I can't keep up with you.... watching that tail of yours is my BLISS!! I love you, Lu. You are my Valentine. Your man, Woody

  2. Let's not get all mushy now Woody... You still ain't gettin any! Keep that nose to my arse and all is well with our world!