Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Ball

MOM FOUND MY BALL!!! It started off like any other evening... Mom napped for a whole hour. Then she got up and took me on a short little walk. Geez, 1/2 a miles does NOTHING for me!! Sometimes she sucks SO BAD! Then we got back home and mom started to play with me, throwing my animals and yanking them with me. OH Joy, oh joy. Suddenly she stopped short and hunkered down on the carpet... She looked at me funny and then got a silly grin on her face.... I was a bit confused and I looked back at her even funnier.... (my crooked smile gets her EVERY time.)

She reached her long arm under the bookcase and pulled out MY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!! My new ball that I lost the first day she brought it home had been in the house the entire time. We just forgot to look under the ugly bookcases. Mom is such a slacker.

SO, we played with my ball for a couple of minutes and then I got tired for a sec and laid down with my paws wrapped around it. I am not losing this ball AGAIN....

Keep on Truckin out there DoGs, if you keep on keepin on - Eventually - you will get what you are lookin for!

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