Thursday, February 5, 2009

Butts, Butts and more Butts

As an elite member of the canine world, us Border Collies have very high standards to uphold. This requires that we "catalog" each dog booty we come upon in order to determine the dog's status in the neighborhood.

Of course, I always rank higher than any other dog! I can mark any object higher than any other dog. Even if I have to stand on my front paws with my butt in the air.... The acrobatics are FUN!

R-man is a butt that I LOVE! He is human though and I already know his butt is catalogued higher than mine. I want his butt to be catalogued higher than mine...... Love. Twue Wuv.

My boyfriend Woody has never wanted his butt catalogued higher than mine. He loves being dominated, herded and basically told what to do and where to do it! I have that dog twisted around my front paw so tight he squeaks... ;)

Being Top Dog is GOOD! (Don't Tell Mom....)

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