Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The snow is all melted? Mom opened up the windows on the back porch this week. I am confused... Usually we don't do this kinda thing until the squirrels come out of the trees and the birdies come back to the yard.

Last night mom got home LATE! She finally found the time to take me out to pee and as I was running through the yard I felt the squish of muddy grass between my paw pads. I stopped, wiggled my toes, and felt the mushy yard! Spring might be coming early this year!!!!!!

I am on the lookout for the squirrels now. Those little turds are gonna get it early this time! Maybe a few baby rabbits too!

I like it when mom takes me jogging. She started to do it regularly before the snow came and hopefully she will pick that back up now that the SPRING is here! She can't run far but as long as she takes me with her I am happy!!

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