Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Runnin' on Empty!

WOW! Mom must have read my blog yesterday! Today she comes home from lunch and took me on the longest bike ride/run that I have been on in a long time. SOOOOO many new spots to sniff, places to pee and yards to soil! I had a blast.

Mom and R-man were making fun of my little poochy tummy last night.... I TOLD them it was just FUR!!! They thought that was so funny!!?? Mom was practically rolling around on the floor laughing and she was crying too? Sometimes she just don't get it. My little tummy needs to get bigger in the winter so that I will keep warm when I am outside. My fur gets really thick too. I SWEAR!

Just wait till June when I start shedding all this winter fur. THEN she will feel bad for making fun of me. I will loosen my fur so much that it will coat the entire house and it will take her weeks to cleanse the house of my essence! SO THERE!

Hopefully she will keep up these long bike rides. I love it when I can run free, alongside her bike, with my feet flying over the ground. She makes me wait at the street corners but otherwise I can run as fast as the wind.

Mom said that tonight we are going to take a long walk with Woody. That really cheers me up bunches. When I don't get to see my man for a while his smell changes so much that I have to re-sniff every inch of him. He says his mom gives him a bath almost EVERY week?? I know he's lying. Only a dirty, filthy, grody dog would need a bath more than twice a year.

Get ready for spring DoGs! The sun is shinin' and the road is clear!

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