Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom is Frazzled

Mom keeps closing the laptop so I haven't been able to update in a while. She is a little stressed about work and when she gets home I don't think she wants to think about a computer. She said something about a virus in her network???

She is working long hours and hardly has the energy to take me for a walk when she gets home... I AM NOT AMUSED!! I have to sit alone at home all day and she only comes by at lunch for a quick job around the neighborhood. She has been trying to nap after she finally finishes work but I need to RUN!!!

When I tell her how much I need to go out, she just says "Give me a minute." She needs a minute my heine! She takes forever getting the mail, going potty, turning on the heat and TV. What a stinkin waste. I continue to remind her that OUT is where we should be, nudging her ankles a little bit when I can. Today, she finally got around to finding her tennis shoes and I got so excited I ran down the alley and barked like a mad woman at the dufus dog by his fence!!!

I told him what a sucker he was for never getting to go on runs with his mom and that I thought he was a silly "little" dog!! woof! That was a blast.

Sometimes my vocabulary seems lacking in variety. I can say a few words but not really enough to tell mom all my thoughts and feelings. Luckily she TOTALLY understands the sense that I need a treat and my brain waves can guide her to the kitchen cabinet! Yummy!

You could say I am bilingual. Border Collie is my native language. Nudging, Eyeing, Growls, and Barks. They get most of my points across. Mom's Language - English - is my second language and over the years she has taught me to say "OUT", "NOW", and a small whimper of "Please". Other than that, I have to use the eyes, brainwaves, and nose to tell her where to go.

Finally, My third language is DoG. It is the zen art of communication that I share with all of GoD's creatures, including dogs. Squirrels, rabbits, mice, birds, cats, opossum, and dogs all have to communicate without their mom's knowing what they are saying. This is my favorite language!

Hope to get back on the laptop for another update soon. Have fun DoGs!!

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