Friday, March 27, 2009

Klutzy R-man and Babies!!!

Last night was exciting! So many new things and old things and noisy things! I was going on a car ride with mom. The breeze was blowing thru my whiskers. Inhaling the fresh spring air, my nostrils quivered. mmmmmmmmmm

I love the spring, the sky, the squirrels (damn squirrels) and especially I love a great car ride!!!! Mom is driving along and she looks so happy. Is she up to something??!!

She pulls up to a car that looks like R-man's! R-man! Out of the car and up the ramp, I am running into an old house and.... There is R-man! He looks very happy and has a guitar in his hands. He plays the guitar like a dream and I sit and listen for a sec! All of a sudden there are these great LOUD booming sounds coming from somewhere in the room!!!!!!!!

I was out of there so fast! I peeked around the corner and mom was laughing and rolling on the floor..... She tried to sooth me and told me that it was just a little bit of drums. I BELIEVE I dislike the drums.

She gathered me up and took me to the car. Pshew! I finally realized we were at Band Practice and
I. Don't. Like. Band. Practice.
Here is a picture of R-man rockin' out!!!

I waited for mom to come back to the car and we went over to Woody's house. He had been on vacation for over a week and I haven't seen him for SO long. He was so excited to see me and kiss me and smell me. By the end of the night my ears were soaked from his constant slobbering! Yuck!

Woody's mom had her grand baby over and both our mom's played with the screaming bugger for a REALLY long time. They call Woody Goofy?? More like, they need to look in the mirror and listen to how THEY talk.... Super Goofy!

Ain't Woody Handsome!!

Here's a picture of the baby with his 12 year old Uncle Bubba!!

Can you tell I took that picture off mom's phone??? She left it home today and I have been having a BLAST!!

I smelled that baby and had to run away!!! He had a pair of undies on that had green fumes coming out the top!!?? Woody's mom laughed and told me that I should be used to that since I have smelt so many butts. HUH?

Later that night, mom finally took me home. R-man came over and took me for a walk around the block. The air was crisp and clean. He walks so fast and his slender legs FASCINATE me.... I love my R-man! As we neared the end of our walk, R-man tripped over a branch on the sidewalk. HE FELL! That's like a large, old oak dropping flat on the ground! He was hurt.

When we got home Mom got out the band aids and neosporin and covered up the bloody spot on his elbow. She rubbed his shoulders and I nuzzled his other arm. I think he really appreciated how much care we took to make sure he felt better. I LOVE MY R-MAN! and I really hate to think he hurt himself for me.

Tonight I think I will make sure to kiss him again and maybe I'll get to lick his sore arm! mmmm I love it when I get close enough to do that!

Be careful out there DoGs! You don't want to get hurt.

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