Friday, September 18, 2009

Driving R-man insane!!!

While mom was in the hospital this week, R-man took on the full responsibilities of taking care of Bella and I. While myself, the saint, gave him no trouble at all..... Bella was another story entirely.

Bella is the cutest, goofy, silly, clown of a puppy I have ever met. She can be destroying a remote control one minute and looking at R-man with her innocent little eyes the next. It is as if she thinks he would never guess that she is the doggy that chewed new holes in his remote.... She runs to the next thing and starts with that.

It is a never ending cycle. When mom is here Bella is pretty good. She listens and only gets into things when mom is otherwise occupied. R-man is like TOTALLY opposite for Bella. She gets CRAZY ideas about what is okay and then acts on them. R-man never knows what will come at him next when she goes nuts.

I try to help by herding Bella around the yard when he is on his last exasperated nerve but I have only SO much time to devote to Bella. DOESN'T SHE KNOW THE SQUIRRELS ARE GETTING READY FOR WINTER AND NEED DIRECTION AND HARASSMENT!

The squirrels are a never ending job around here. Work, work, work. Bella has a lot of training left in order to ever be able to assist me with the squirrel work.

Mom came back home the other day and has really worked hard to wear out Bella and keep her in line. R-man has finally relaxed again and is enjoying the cute little things Bella does.

She really is adorable. Really.

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