Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy, Joy, Joy

Mom and R-man found their way home!!! They were in Colorado? and they didn't take me? That is so close to my motherland of Wyoming! I coulda seen my peeps! I love the open range, the sheep, the COWS, and the runnin' all day long.....

Mom said they might take me next year if I can be good on an airplane!

No ploblem! (Mom says that alot.) That is the promised land RIGHT THERE!!!

Here another pic mom took of all the kids I will get to play with!!!
Woweewowowowowowow!!! Talk about a crazy looking clan. I think they are R-mans family. They look too cool to be Mom's family..... hahahaha

Summer officially ends in late September but Mom says Labor day kinda marks the end of summer for her. The final fun of Labor day. SHE WASN'T HERE!!!!! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SUMMER FUN WITH ME AND BELLA??? for a change.

I love it when Mom chuckles after I crab at her. Bella and I missed her bunches. Take care of your Momma you DoGs. Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend.

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