Saturday, September 12, 2009

South Park Run!

The girls were allowed to run free in South Park yesterday. RotKnee and I drove the girls over and parked the car in the shade. Before I could get out, Bella and Lucy were OFF and running. They stay together and are used to running through Greenmount and Woodland cemeteries without a leash. As we walked together and talked about how hard our days were, the girls were happily trotting along and following our voice commands. We love this aspect of the Border Collie breed. The are all about listening to their people. They learn the voice commands quickly and have awesome hearing.

We took them around and down toward the first hill that goes to a low portion of a stream. We didn't even have to remind them which entrance to enter thru the trees. They ran into the water and started playing and splashing around. They didn't want to get out! Lucy lowers her front chest and nose into the water and soaks herself. Bella grabs Lu's collar or fur and pulls. Romping and growling and splashing around! Bella is great at making sure Lucy is TOTALLY wet. They run down the stream and then chase each other back up toward us.

When we call them to the path toward the meadow, they stop and look at us like we are crazy. They try to drown each other one more time and then reluctantly follow us. Chasing Bella into the woods and trying to abandon her, Lucy looks satisfied. Bella runs out into the tall grass of the meadow and starts to "dance". She loves the feel of the tall grass as it rubs her baby face. She jumps high in the air and floats down into the field. Running in circles, jumping, diving and really smiling! Lucy is glad to finally be left alone so that she can stalk a squirrel and chase a rabbit.

As we reach the other side of the meadow and enter the woods that go down to another portion of the stream. Lucy holds back. She waits, lifts her nose into the air, and you can see the pleasure on her face. A dog that can express her feelings. Rare. Beautiful.

Bella is already running thru the water and about to eat some algae. RotKnee and I shout to tell her NO! She forgot we were there and runs to greet us. Just then Lucy comes down into the stream and Bella chases her to the other side. We get the leash ready. Bella will soon be harnessed. Two more minutes in the water till the girls climb the craggly cliff. We cut through the baseball field and walked steadily up the steep hills that we love at South Park.

Bella is tired. Lucy is still chasing squirrels. RotKnee and I are feeling less stressed and VERY happy. As we approach the car, two little ladies are sitting in their car eating Dairy Queen. I hear one say, "This should be interesting....". RotKnee easily gets Bella in the car since she is on the leash. I casually call to Lucy to "Load Up" and she gracefully hops in the backseat. I hope we have fully impressed on those gals that the at least Lucy is well behaved enough to be off leash every so often. They go back to their ice cream as if we never existed.

Driving home with the back windows open, we have two VERY wet and VERY happy dogs. Their heads hanging out the window, their tongues flapping in the wind. THE SMELL of wet dog! What a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon!

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