Friday, September 11, 2009

Bella Proof?

Bella is getting to be such a goofy girl! We are having a blast with all her antics... Laughing at her when she burrows under the comforter, flipping the comforter up and diving under. Holding our breath when she toots really loud!

We are working on letting her stay out of the crate and it has been a creative chore to Bella proof the house.

First we decided to block the kitchen door with her kennel and close the bedroom door. The kitchen, bedroom and back porch have been pretty Bella proofed and is only carpeted in the bedroom. The first afternoon..... Chewed sunglasses and pretty bits of acorn were strewn about the kitchen. A lipstick and old sunglasses were taken from their perch on the TALL dresser - destroyed. A little picture frame off the bedside table. Chewed.

SO, The bedroom became off limits. Closed off now, the kitchen and back porch were all the room Bella could roam...... Garbage strewn on the floor, more acorns found and destroyed, and FROM the counter - papers, buns, dishrags, and much more... destroyed. At least none of it was of any value. When I saw her elbows on the counter I thought.... THERE IS NO WAY TO BELLA PROOF THIS HOUSE. When a beast can climb on the counters she can get anything!!!!

Third try... Totally clean off the counters, dressers, bed side tables. Store the garbage in a cabinet, close the closet doors. Buy a baby gate and take the dreaded kennel back to its original location. Big treats for everyone!!!

SUCCESS. Bella is great. She barks out the back window when she shouldn't but is otherwise content to eat a big treat and nap. When she is let out the back door she RACES to the yard and pees for what seems like hours!

THEN she goes to town tearing up the recyclables in the back yard. No big deal. You have to learn to fight the right battles.

More later on our adventures in South Park today.... Geesh Bella is the biggest clown EVER!

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