Sunday, August 9, 2009


Mom has been on vacation and I just got her to turn the computer on. Dang, I need opposable thumbs! She is cramping my writing style!

Bella and I have been having bunches of fun. She got fixed, which didn't mean quite what I thought.... She can't have any puppies and THAT is the best thing of all anyway! Mom tried to explain it to me but I wouldn't listen. Now I understand.

Mom and R-man went on a trip to see a bunch of their relatives and to camp in Michigan. I have been to Michigan with mom and her sister. It is a fun place to run around. Mom has an uncle that has bunches of dogs and they like to play a lot. Mom says that the big gal, Molly, had cancer and went to heaven. She got to see the old poodle too but she says that she will probably die of old age soon. That dog is SO old, I think she is about 16 now. Last time I saw her she was blind and deaf with about 3 teeth left in her head! That was 2 years ago and now she has to be in WAAAAY worse shape!

The day mom and R-man got home we were so excited! Finally we could run and play in the cemetery again! Mom took us around the block a couple of times and R-man took us to the cemetery too. We ran till we could run NO more. When we got home, there was steak bits to eat for supper and then we played in the yard. Right before we went in the house, Bella "caught" a bee.

For all of our entertainment purposes, here is a picture I got mom to take! hahahaha. Mom gave her a benadryl and she was fine in a couple of hours.....

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  1. She's so cute! She ought to be in pictures! OH YEAH, that is a picture!!!!