Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bella is growing up

Bella is finally 7 months old. She is learning to play Frisbee and learning to give it to mom when she runs back! I have been scolding her when she tries to hang onto it and that seems to be helping mom a lot with her training!

It would be great if Bella got to be a great Frisbee dog! I love the Frisbee and can run so fast it doesn't ever hit the ground. Bella has got a long way to go but she is running VERY fast. Her coordination is great and her focus is AWESOME!

Mom seems very proud of both of us. I love it when she is proud of me and Bella loves it when mom gives her "puppy love".... They are goofy together!

When I first got Bella there was no light at the end of the tunnel..... She was pathetic. Goofy, all Elbows and Knees, running like she was a little baby, and eating like she had never eaten before! The other day I was watching her eat and realized that she is actually chewing her food now! Before she just inhaled whatever was in her bowl. Now she nibbles and chews! That is a great improvement.

Mom has been a little sick lately and we have been walking just a couple of miles a day. Today she promised that we will be back up to 4 miles a day soon. With the weather cooling down she should consider walking about 6 miles, REALLY. I know she can. She has done it before. I will keep after her.

On a really funny note... Bella learned how to open the door to her kennel..... hahahahahhaha She gets out when mom and R-man forget to put the extra hook in the right place and noses into everything. So far I think she has been very lucky to NOT chew through anything they care about! Once they catch her out they are VERY good about making sure to hook the kennel tightly shut. They still need training too!

Get out there and walk DoGs. Encourage your mom and dad to get walking too! They probably need it as much as you do!

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