Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dawg Days of Summer!

The dog days of summer are here! Lots of sunshine and squirrels! What a great time of year! I love it that mom will let me sit outside all day on the weekends. She loves the sunshine too and will piddle in the yard ALL day. She tries to keep the yard clean alot but can't seem to keep ahead of Smelly Belly's destructive messes.

Yesterday I found a shredded newspaper in the yard. Most of Bella's toys are mangled, wet and filthy. Mom tries to keep them clean but as soon as Smella gets ahold of them.... back to the disgusting mess! The recycle bin is always a source of joy for Belly. She is about the craziest puppy you ever saw with plastic water bottles and milk jugs. The noise and the joy of puppyhood. I wouldn't want to go back for ANYTHING!

Bella has tons of fun and is even learning stuff along the way. Mom taught her to "drop" today and she really seems to get it. I have been teaching her where to go potty and how to understand when mom and R-man really mean what they say. There is still much to teach ;(

Mom gave Bella a bath this week and I swear she stunk bad again within 20 minutes. What is it with puppy smells?

My days are full with all the Bella Babysitting. She has learned to get out of her kennel. Mom has been having to lock it with my training leash! Geez! That puppy is always getting herself in trouble.....

The squirrels in the yard are getting fatter. I was walking the other day and stalked a squirrel. Reeeaaaalllll Sllooowwww. When I finally pounced on it, I swear I got ahold of its back foot! Just wait.... When the fall gets here, I will finally get me a juicy, fat squirrel. Playing with them is always fun. I just don't understand why the quit moving after awhile.....

Have fun DoGs. Summer won't last forever!

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