Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad Bella!

Mom and R-man have been having a tough time with little Bella. She is into everything!

Some days I'm not sure if she will survive her own curiosity!!!

R-man's wallet had some teething marks on it. Mom's Clematis plant is looking awfully sorry since she moved it from the old house.... I think Bella is in her terrible 4's. I heard mom say something about the terrible two's awhile ago but Bella is twice as bad now!

Puppies are crazy anyway! What did they expect? A perfect clone of the perfect ME??? I am the closest to perfection that GoD will allow! I have my bad days just like anyone....

R-man ratted me out to mom the other day..... I was in perfect squirrel mode. Totally focused. Eyein' the little bastard! Even Bella wasn't following my every move! Suddenly I saw my opening and ran to destroy the rodent! Somehow, and I really don't know when, I was jumping OVER the fence in the backyard and chasing the squirrel across the alley!!!!! COOL:) It's just a 3 footer anyway.

Well, it seems that mom wasn't too happy about that little "accident". She told R-man that at least I was so out of my mind with "squirrel fever" that hopefully I won't remember that I can jump over the fence.... She's so dumb!

but i won't tell.....

Little Bella can't even remember yesterday! Very entertaining!

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