Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mooooved In

Mom got the house all done! We moved into our new house last week. Bella and I have been playing in the back yard while mom piddles around with her tool bag. She needs to slow down and smell the squirrels!

There were a lot of people over Monday and I got to eat all kinds of yummy treats! Bella had to stay in her kennel until later because she's a little obnoxious around EVERYONE. Mom and R-man have started to let her stay out of her kennel almost all the time?! Now she just plays with me alllll day. She's cute and all but I need a nap!

The new house is big. I can sleep on couches, futons, carpet, hard wood, concrete or grass. The choices. It has been fun learning the new neighborhood but mom walked us the other day and we ended up in our old neighborhood.... It was really close! We got to sniff around our old yard and then ran home. Mom and R-man were on their bikes and Bella kept pulling mom like a sleigh dog! What a goofy girl.

So far I think little Bella is gonna work out. She and I are getting along most days. I love to watch squirrels though and Bella likes to chase birds! She's CRAZY!

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