Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bella Here...

Today Lucy showed me this blog site. COOL! My name is Bella and I am the new puppy here! It is AWESOME! Lu and I play, play, play all day. She is older but really loves to wrassle with me.

Mom is a great lady too. She seems to know that Lucy doesn't want to share her food with me. She makes an effort to give me my food away from the old gal! I like that! I can chomp down a bowl of kib faster than any pup!

We have been going on VERY long walks. I am getting better coordination because of that. Mom likes to exercise and Lu loves to run. I have a blast hanging on to her collar; running alongside her. Sometimes mom lets me hold my own leash and I trot around leading myself. hahahahahaha

I have gone on some strange car rides too. Lucy barks at the cows. I haven't figured out what that is so I sit in the back seat and let the wind run thru my ears! Lu is a strange but fun girl.

I miss my old house and the little puppy there.... But here we run alot and I love the freedom. I could grow up with Lucy and be SOOOO happy.

Bye for now!

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