Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is going on with the weather in this town? Rain, rain, rain.... All morning sometimes! By the afternoon is seems to clear up (sometimes). I really hate the thunder and lightening! It hurts my ears and makes me scared!

Bella, the crazy puppy, loves the rain?! She goes out and plays and romps and barks at the birdies! I don't think she even knows how dangerous it is! I can imagine a lightening bolt hitting her and she wouldn't even know!

This morning Mom didn't even make me go outside. She let me stay in her bedroom with R-man snoring away! She even shut the windows and doors so I wouldn't have to hear the thunder. She is AWESOME! I really appreciate her in times like these.

Last night, the skies were clear for a bit, and she took us over to Woody's house. She convinced her sister and nephew to go on a walk with us. I got to run and play with Woody in the cemetery! HE AND BELLA WORE ME OUT!!!??? This has never happened!

Of course, I have been sick since I went to the vet last week. Mom finally took me back and they gave her some pills to give me every day. I hate pills but these seem to really help my cough and make my throat feel better. Mom says I have a summer cold but I know I caught Kennel Cough from the damn vet. Those places are SO dirty! When we went back this week it smelled like puppy puke!! Yuck!

On a brighter note, Bella the puppy from hell, has been doing much better. She is learning to not bite or chew so much (I think her gums finally are feeling better since teething) and mom is also teaching her not to bark so much. puppies.....

Pray DoGs! This bad weather has to clear up soon!

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