Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Snowy Mile

Mom has been exercising at the gym lately because of all the snow and ice. Dad has been taking her place walking us at the cemetery. BUT today mom couldn't go to the gym because it was closed for the New Year holiday! She took us through the cemetery TWICE!!!!

That is double the fun! She also stopped and picked up Woody and he came with us. It was great since he romped and chased Bella the entire time and I got to make Snow Angels. REALLY.

They really do turn out looking good and I get a nice cool rub down in the snow. I love the snow and can find a multitude of ways to jump, run, throw, and dig my way through a big ole snow drift.

Mom thinks I am a silly goose. I Love Mom and RotKnee.

DoGs, Have a Great New Year and be safe out there!

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