Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Bella!

A bit of happy news for me, Bella is not a border collie/lab mix.... Mom and Dad were talking to a friend who suggested she might be more of an English Springer Spaniel/Black Lab mix. Mom did quite a bit of research and found some great photos that prove the point... Although I will admit it was probably really easy to get the two breeds confused. The fact that Bella is so much different from me was something of a point of contention. I am glad they have finally figured it out.

Bella is getting older and more mature. She has this bark that would scare any man if they heard it in the middle of the night. She sounds like a guy dog! Funny. Our buddy Woody, who is a Golden Retriever, sounds like a girl when he barks! I guess that evens things out!

Bella had her birthday celebration this weekend. We think she is officially a year old now. WOW. When will she stop being a puppy???? Mom was spoiled with me because she got me when I was 3 and I had already grown out of my silly and sillier phase. I really appreciated it when they took me though. I had spent most of my life outside but had never really gotten to explore the world! Mom took me everywhere! The mountains, the plains, the bar, and even work! She exercised me so much I thought my legs would fall off that first week! We have had a blast ever since! Bella is lucky to have gotten mom so early in her life. The woman is a saint!

Everybody have a great year and lets keep the young 'uns out of trouble.

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